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    *RUMOR* Possible More Powerful Nintendo Switch to come out 2019

    4k gaming will be restricted to turn based games. With no animations.
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    Loot Boxes Are Bad for Publishers, Too

    Take 2 have asked it's customers to come to their defense. But I suspect that the only people who do, will be company employees, and gambling addicts.
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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    Maybe WB have learned their lesson?
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    Poll: Henry Cavill is Geralt

    I am looking forward to see him haggling over the cost a book to learn about a monster, or wandering aimlessly for an hour looking for that last herb so he can make his potion.
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    The Escapists' Front Page is worth viewing again!

    It's weird checking this site on a daily basis again, after how many years of virtually nothing?
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    Experienced Points: Microsoft's Chance in Japan

    Microsoft need to make the kinds of games they play in Japan, they need to realise that not everyone in Japan has the same interests as Western gamers. A lot of the Japanese games are also insanely popular to Westerners.
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    New Fallout has been announced.

    So much for Bethesda's commitment to single player games.
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    Roseanne cancelled

    Can't see how, Trump doesn't resemble an ape very much.
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    And this is why Animation is superior to Live Action. (New Images of Live Action Teen Titans show)

    Animation can do big battles better than live action t.v (or in DC's case, movies). And big battles are kinda what superheroes are all about.
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    Press Release Watch Vampyr's Story Trailer

    Okay, okay, you win. Heh, I see you've played Vampyr Story before.
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    I'm going to miss you people when the Escapist shuts down.

    I will be sad when this place goes. It was here on this site that I was able to obtain a physical copy of the PC version of Final Fantasy 8 from another poster who no longer wanted it.
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    Anyone get the hate for Skyrim?

    I think that because they have re-released a 6 year old game, with the exact same 6 year old game breaking bugs in it. Shoddy port is shoddy.
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    Justice League - There Is No Justice Here

    I don't think anyone expected this movie to be particularly good. We had all seen the tone and direction of the previous entries (except WW), so we knew how this was going to turn out even before it had been announced.
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    Jigsaw - I Saw Saw. Should You See Saw?

    Eliminate enough variables and you can predict the outcome. He targeted complete morons.
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    Jim Sterling gives Mario Odyssey 7/10

    They can either learn to trust, or be angry. OT; I like hearing about Nintendo's hardcore fanbase losing their collective bowel control.