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    Poll: Which L4D character do you use?

    Bill has a similar look to Chuck Norris <.<
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    "You Know What? You Guys Are Dicks."

    Sadly after about 2 accounts both stop working with a variety of different CD/EA Download manager authentication issues, I sadly cannot run it anymore. Well, mabye its a message to stop me being too awesome. I have to say though, thankfully EA did control GSP's who could sell gameservers...
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    "You Know What? You Guys Are Dicks."

    Sadly as the BF2142 community is getting small with the amount of decent servers left, I myself find it hard to stick to 1 server, due to the amount of jumping around I have to do as (Not meaning to sound upstuck) I am technically skilled and always accused of cheating.
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    Which game character would you dress as

    If I miracousily aquired a buffed body; Marcus Fenix! Though I would so totally mix it in with a Louis attitude from L4D *evil plotting*
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    What is your favorite Anime?

    Well, I'm mainly stuck into the mainstream ones; Bleach Naruto Deathnote One Piece Full Metal Alchemist I do have actually tastes all over the place aswell: Digimon Dragonball Beyblade Mahou Sensei Negima! Zombie Loan World Embryo I usually try and get into a new one each...
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    PS2/Wii suggestions

    I would love to suggest Red Steel for the Wii! If you have that little bit of patience, then it will keep you entertained for a while atleast
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    "You Know What? You Guys Are Dicks."

    *shudders* Especially the "Leave = Ban" combination! This got applied to me when I got kicked for attempting to start a relaxed discussion about some upcomming fixes due to Dota (with the opposite team of course) and the host apparently counted that as leaving, so I got banned from quite a few...
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    Your favourite Shoes

    I usually just stick to £14 Lonsdale plimsoles Or Converses for School, but then again, I enjoy the indoors and sliding around in my legendary white socks on my floors
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    What's the wierdest dream you've Ever had?

    Killer Popcorn, about 5years ago this dream shocked me to the bone In the dream I was the only one smart enough to keep my mouth shut, but I refused to open it to explain to people of my family about the killer popcorn which choked many people in town. *shudder* >.<
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    The One Thing You Hate More Then Anything

    Football fans. I say this out of the way they talk about "their" team and a vairety of other events which happen from upcomming matches
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    188: Forbidden Love?

    Warmed my heart =)
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    187: A Multi-Player Family

    You will often be surprised with what actually happens when you get introduced to the Real Life, one day we all have to move on from gaming, so its no surpise that our parents had bonding with gaming in their time, but as this is the new era and back in the days of Quake 1&2 (Game me and my Dad...
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    183: What Would Yoshi Do?

    Nice article, Good examples used here =)
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    Half Life coming out in 2009

    Looks very promising indeed. Looks like they are putting in a decent amount of time to this project.
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    Poll: Left 4 Dead, PC or Console?

    Well, apart from the obvious problems with the Server Connection on the PC, I feel that its far more enjoyable, as having palyed both I like the PC version more better for the simple fact: I can't play FPS on consoles /qq Though they are both equal