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    Who Will Be Cast as The Young Han Solo For the Upcoming Film?

    You know there's something wrong with a list when Dave Franco and the pedo guy from Transformers 4 both make it into the top three. Personally I'm Scott Eastwood inclined. I've never seen him act but I have seen the rest of them and honestly, none of them scored many points in their favour. Dave...
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    Honest Game Trailers: Assassin's Creed Unity

    Napoleon was five and a half feet tall. He was a pretty average height, people just said he was short to discredit him. So well done Assassin's Creed team for doing some research.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Elder Scrolls Online - We Can MMO Too

    I have sometimes thought that a game joining multiplayer aspect in Skyrim would be nice, but more for fucking around than actually playing it. And only when you can control who joins so you only get your friend who's all about running around killing wolves with no clothes on. Making it into an...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $40 Demo

    I was watching an episode of Let's Drown Out the other day, Yahtzee's let's play series on YouTube with Gabriel, and they mentioned that one of the reasons the Star Wars prequels were so bad is because no one dared to challenge Lucas' decisions by that stage and the only reason the original...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $40 Demo

    Kojima's a hack writer trying to be edgy. And then, to fit in with the tone of all this, there's literally an in game version of him winking at the camera.
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $40 Demo

    I would think that having an unlockable audiotape 'reward' of the villain is more than "leaning on the fence of being weird a little too hard". That's more like bulldozing the fence and jumping on it with clodhoppers.
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    I do have Ad Block installed on Chrome for the whole browsing porn thing you mentioned. The last thing I need is virus infested pop ups everywhere but I do usually whitelist things like The Escapist, That Guy With the Glasses, YouTube, sites that generally are some people's jobs. Of course I...
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    Escape to the Movies: I, Frankenstein

    I, Frankenstein, BayMNT and Robocop. Three entire movies I'd forgot were even a thing all in one video. This seems like the sort of film where you watch the action scenes, and fast forward through all the talking.
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    Zero Punctuation: Knack

    Okay, now I have to buy this game just to find out what Barry White chatting up a jar of Nutella sounds like.
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    Gavin's Five Favorites of 2013

    My favourite games, since everyone else was doing it, went: 5. Gone Home 4. Pokémon Y/X 3. The Stanley Parable 2. Assassin's Creed IV 1. Bioshock Infinite My top 5 Miracle of Sound songs: 5. The Crush 4. Half Man's Song 3. The Day The World Died 2. Beneath the Black Flag 1. Dream...
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    The More Things Change

    You ever get amazed by the continuity of this series? Just the amount of thought that goes into it. Case in point: Child Erin's hair having the more jagged pattern on the loose bits down the side, like her design at the start of the series.
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    Zero Punctuation: Ryse: Son of Rome

    I've been looking forward to this review. Every time I see anything to do with this game a level of boredom that actually exhibits some physical weight comes down upon me. "I hear he seeks vengeance. I hear he seeks the truth." And I hear the writers of this game all hanged themselves halfway...
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    8 Most Pulse-Pounding Revenge Movies

    "Hard Candy features [Ellen Page] getting revenge against the internet." How very prophetic for that whole thing with the nude models in that game I can't remember the name of a month later. Also you might want to put a little bit of a warning on Irreversible. Though I suppose the box itself...
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    PS4 1.51 Update Rolls Out UI Refinements

    You know how developers nowadays tend to release games half finished and then just patch it to functionality afterwards? Yeah, can we maybe not do the same with the actual consoles?
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    Professor Layton's Medical Mystery

    I guess he'll be selling crystal meth in the next game.