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    8 Zombies Movies That Define The Genre

    eerrr Dawn of the Dead? 28 days later? ZombieLand - icon concepts in all these.
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    Jimquisition: Time To Get Paid

    Jim something you might be interested in and It's about the film industry but is very much in the smae vein as your views on games industry - this is The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture 2013: Kevin Spacey -
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    £4 on a ps3? and a couple pounds on new releases? i think thats balls. With your own words publishers bend backwards with all sorts of exclusives for these retailers and then they swallow thoses stupid mark ups? Both these points are counter to the other... 'A Game Manger once told me'...
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    Escapist News Now: EA Says No More Online Passes

    you'll still be required to sign up to origin to access most games which is what?
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    Unskippable: Resident Evil 6

    I watch these very seldomly, every so often i give it another go and they are just bad. It's poor jarring humour. Stopped at 3mins as that wasn't worth having to watch the 30sec advert which sadly was funnier. Just go watch Literals they are much more considered and entertaining.
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    Jimquisition: Bonus Jimquisition: Among the Sleep Preview

    :/ this looks like it's a good idea badly executed. It's too tame and visually drab. It would be better stylized as would many games that feel the need for realism. The 'zany zone' just looks like american McGees alice done badly. In one word - underwhelming. Find me a gem is the rough...
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    Get Rid of the Dang Arrows

    Yeah but then you know there in the options and even that ruins the experience of discovery for me. Because ultimately it's there and you know the game is dying to show you. Some game are meant to be linear which is fine. If it's an open world then it's not fine at all. If you have problems with...
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    Get Rid of the Dang Arrows

    i blame fable, ever since i was that sparkly line leading me about... I stopped playing it after 30mins, never played fable again. It's Peters fault. Get him Yathzee! And these people wont check on line guides? god... Metroid would have be a little different if it just told you how to...
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    Jimquisition: Touch Waggle Touch Waggle Swipe

    Yup this shit ruined another M (well that and a million other things) I wanted to send team Ninja a rabid squirrel in a box labelled 'shake vigorously before opening'... Point the wii mote at the screen to shoot missles then ya fecks.
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    EA Aims to "Broaden" Dead Space Audience

    but EA need that money to hire a unicorn for the AGM next year... Come on have some heart!
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    Molyneux: Industry Was "Not Ready" for Milo and Kate

    sounds incredibly tedious
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    Beware BioShock's Boys of Silence

    I think the game will lose some exictment with all these reveals, i like finding things ingame, Yea i guess you could just not watch them... but you tend bump into this stuff when browsing.
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    BioShock Creator "Sad" Over ME3's Ending Scandal

    what? When did an art critic not say what they felt bad or good. What a stupid thing to say. ART can be complained about and is... constantly...
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    Report: Bethesda Working On Elder Scrolls MMO

    I'm i the only one that finds Elder Scrolls ( the whole damn franchise) really dull... It's stand up wooden fantasy setting are just so sighh.... boring.. I could never get excited. an MMO? one way to sink a successful studio imo. If EA did stick $500million into star wars and that's shocking...
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    Escape to the Movies: Casa De Mi Padre

    next you'll be telling us to just swallow 'white chicks' as funny...