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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2014

    That's twice in a year that Yahtzee's #1 game is one where the main character is voiced by Troy Baker. Maybe the guy can go for a hat trick next year?
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    Jurassic World Official Trailer!

    I thought that the trailer was missing something. Somebody on Twitter figured it out before I did.
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    Why The Evil Within Fails on Multiple Levels

    This was my exact problem with this game. I really tried as hard as I could to like it (it's Shinji Mikami), but almost every aspect of it felt like something was ripped from another game that did it better. I kinda liked the bits where you had to play keep-away from some of the one-hit-kill...
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    Sonic Boom Cartoon Series Debut Date Revealed

    I just realized that the new character is called Sticks. Now I can't look up that word in Google Images with SafeSearch turned off. Thanks a lot Sonic Team!
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    Jimquisition: The King of Crap Steam Publishers

    I have a better, alternate name for them: Quality Last.
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    Zero Punctuation: Daikatana - John Romero's B****

    All of John Romero's promises for the greatest first-person shooter ever was a LIE...katana.
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    Halo Composer Wins Bungie Suit

    Plus an extra $19.13. Enough for a celebratory lunch!
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    Japan Says America's Godzilla is Too Fat

    Ohhh yeah! Look at that thin, sexy hunk of scales!
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    Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul Gets Premiere Date

    You already forgot about "Huell's Rules", didn't you?
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    Serious Game Fatigue

    But Yahtzee, you did make a video about that game! How could you forget? Which I recommend everyone watches, by the way.
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    Jimquisition: Jimquisition Awards 2013 - The Stanley Parable

    Can't say I wasn't surprised, given your original review of it. No complaints here, because it was my favorite game as well. Why? Because no other game this year gutted the body of video game storytelling, neatly organized all its entrails, and thoroughly observed each and every organ before...
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    Jimquisition: Jimquisition Awards 2013 - The Last of Us

    I think the number 1 game is going to be The Stanley Parable, if Jim's review of it is anything to go by. []
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Sometimes I Join Empty Servers

    Why is it that I knew exactly what was going to happen the moment I saw the length of the video?
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    Blockbuster Closes Its Doors

    300 remaining in the U.S.? That's 6 per state. Now it makes my city feel like a bit of a hog, because there are two of them within a couple miles of each other. Where are the remaining four spread out to?