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    Do people actually believe the thing about Australia's wildlife being dangerous?

    Without wishing to drag this on for too long, I disagree. We do not see large human populations in the Artic. Generally people will move to an attractive area, yes people sometimes get pushed out to bad places (see Amerindian reservations in the US.) however this is never a voluntary action...
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    What do you do to carol singers?

    Depends on the carolers. Sometimes it's kids doing it as a pocket money thing, sometimes it's people who are collecting for a charity.
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    Poll: Would you walk the path of the warrior, rogue, or mage?

    Going by a heroic fantast setting I would be a warrior. I just like the idea of being the non-superpowered guy who got by with grit, savagery and first class armour and weaponry. Mages and archery never rally appealed to me, they never had the air of gallant nobility, of the heroic expenditure...
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    Do you care about achievements or trophies?

    It's a nice feeling getting one, comparable to finding a Euro in you pocket. I will try to get the easy ones but certainly don't keep playing the game until I get them all.
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    Sonic '06 - Objectively Better Than Portal

    He is being facetious (spelling?), using the example of Sonic 06 to illustrate how silly a lot of modern gamers complaints about the direction of the video game industry is such as greyness, lenght, difficulty, etc
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    What do you do to carol singers?

    We very very rarely get Carol Singers. We do give them money though, it is a nice treat.
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    Do people actually believe the thing about Australia's wildlife being dangerous?

    But Detroit is different. The problem with Detroit is not the natural enviroment but rather the lack of employment opportunities due to the collapse of industry. Alos the death rate is nowhere near as high as 50%. I also believe (though do feel free to correct me), that Detroit is a...
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    Do people actually believe the thing about Australia's wildlife being dangerous?

    Clearly it has been exaggerated, or people wouldn't be able to live there in any measure of comfort if 50% of the population died due to animal attacks. But the wildlife is considerbly more exotic (and dangerous) compared to Ireland, where I am from. EDIT: That said I never got being...
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    Dictators according to Japan

    Honestly I don't think pictures are great. They just don't look "right". Also let's be fair, the drawing of dictators, strongmen and autocats isn't a national past time in Japan. This is a book written to be fethisy/parody moeification.
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    So, You've Decided to Quit Gaming - Now What?

    Read more, watch more TV, etc. Honestly it would be pretty easy to replace video games, I have gone for months without playing one.
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    Poll: Do you automatically respect people in the military?

    I'm sure we've done this thread before.... I do respect members of any profession where you do suffer a certain risk of dying. Soliders, police, firemen, some journalists, etc. However physical bravery does not automatically equate to moral courage, or even being a pleasant person.
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    Your best friend tells you they killed someone

    Depends. If my friend is part of a revolutionary group and then assinated a dictator, I wouldn't be morallly opposed to it. If the government had a suspicions I knew and was willing to torture and kill my family, then I would tell. If my friend killed someone because he hated his...
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    how threatened do strangers make you feel?

    Depends. What are they doing and where are they? Usually I don't feel that threatened because if you are in a city you won't know the vast amjority of people.
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    Alchohol and you

    I drink by myself. Nothin is better then after a hard day of work, coming back home and having a nice cold beer. Especially in summer. I tend not to get drunk by myself. At parties I will drink, it's good fun and I enjoy it.
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    Poll: Why all the Dislike for Jeff Dunham?

    I don't find him funny. He was mildly amusing for the first five mintues but then it got old really fast.