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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

    Shia: noone forces you to play the game. i found everyone fascinating in itsself. once youre miniature, once your out on the ocean with the wind, sometimes totally fantasy setting. some people design whole games out of the complexity of one dungeon in zelda. if you dont like it, leave it. its...
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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

    sooo... i definitely am looking forward to getting my preordered copy. just very curious if the praise the game is getting holds up to expectations. its a tall order calling the game better or even a match to ocarina of time. since its been one of the best games of all time AND ive written my...
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    good games no one knows of! :D
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    Sony claims PS3 was made deliberately difficult to program for.

    guys, i think the actual problem is sony not supporting the developers. if guys like insomniac already share their technology on the internet it must mean that developers seriously need a community...
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    Flow, Flower, Floweriest

    guys, if you want relaxation, try Windwaker - I just dig the sailing part of the game. i still have to try flower out, because my controller is broken, but the narrative is just plain boring. very disappointed - it seems like somebody came up with this relaxation idea for people who are too dumb...
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    Most Disturbing Movie You've Ever Seen

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    The Game of Your Childhood

    indiana jones and the last crusade (the pc adventure) and commander keen. :D
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    If you could change one thing about yourself...

    i would like to be more on time... but this is my personality... i do not think i can change just that without becoming another person as well...
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    Assassin's Creed 2 to be held back to build anticipation

    interesting observation... but i really think the problem is that marketing guys tend to not be able to tell quality from trash themselves... that is what their job is about in a way... isn't it!? ;)
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    Poll: Are we getting dumber?

    sorry, i don't get the question... O.o *laughs his ass off* ... anyway... i personally think, the world has become more complicated and the stakes in being dumb have become higher. so... actually i would say no... but relatively... yes. ;) maybe stupidity is just as many other things...
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    Assassin's Creed 2 to be held back to build anticipation

    maybe the guys from ubisoft need to be inventive in their pr department... how about telling people the game was nearly finished, but then some design genius decided to scrap everything just to rebuild and make a better game!! well... nobody would believe those stories, right!? xD ah crap, it...
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    Sprechen Sie in einer fremden Sprache!(Speak in a foreign Language!)

    when i got drunk with a cute girl in a watami in tokio, she said おかいけいおねがいしますwhen i had to go... ;) so...
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    Is the games industry running out of ideas?

    guys, indie games are great. and games are about emotions. if the majority of people agrees they want to feel the same thing again and again, then so be it. that is the business side of the game! ;) have a look at or josef or flow or flower or even shadow of the colossus. it is...
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    What makes a human human?

    Really hard question. Basically it is a matter of definition. So one extreme is to say we are because we call ourselves. This is in no way shallow. Think about it. :) The other extreme is talking about specific traits. But here it gets really complicated, because we cannot really compare. We...
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    Sexiest Video Game Weapons

    The Claw discharge in Thunderforce IV! Unbelievably powerful in comparison to all other weapons. Fills nearly the whole screen and if used right can make the second half of the game a walk in the park. P.S.: There were some areas where the game was called Lightning Force (IV?)...