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    Professional troll sues woman....

    This could be solved easily with a blind test. Beam a load of radiowaves at the fellow's house without telling him and see if he complains. Then switch them off, wait a week and just tell him you're doing it, and watch as he squirms thanks to the non-existent radiation. However, that will...
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    40% of College Students get this question wrong. AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY!

    It has to be to the power of 2x, or it makes no sense.
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    Four year old Texas boy suspended due to long hair

    Hmmm... I feel divided. On one hand, I entirely agree that rules are rules and that people should have to follow them, because otherwise what exactly is the point in having them in the fist place. But this rule in particular is mad-crazy. For anyone who has not seen the video, the child's...
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    40% of College Students get this question wrong. AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY!

    This is the best response. Indeed, where are your references? In academic circles, a failure to reference is infinitely more heinous than... well, pretty-much anything short of murder and child-molestation.
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    40% of College Students get this question wrong. AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY!

    Oh my word, people who don't care about maths aren't very good at it! Shock. Horror. Etc. Yes, that is an easy question, but I don't see people's failure to get it right as being a damning indictment of society as a whole. English students, or politics students probably haven't done...
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    Special Ops Officer, British Gamer Compete in Real Life MW2 Pit Test

    This is... pretty damn awesome actually :) It's just a pity that channel 5 is so generally awful...
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    Why should I keep paying for games?

    Very, very few games have the limited installs, and only Ubisoft games have the insanely Draconian connection issues. 95% of the games on steam are pretty-much okay as far as DRM is concerned. Also, the reason you can only have Steam running concurrently (that is, at the exact same time, it's...
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    Yay! Let's bastardize an entire culture!

    Woah, woah, possibly you're being a little harsh here? You seem to be implying that Irish = IRA, which is as silly as saying Muslim = Al-Queda. Making snap judgements on people thanks to where they happened to be born is one of the reasons things got (and keep being gotten) fucked up. Having...
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    Movie violence and mom's....*sigh*

    "Wow, Mum, you were right! This porn stuff is fantastic. They have cups and everything. Well, one cup at least..." But anyways, this is a debate that has raged for thousands of years, and will until the sun turns into a smouldering raisin. We all went through it at some time and one day...
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    I need a doctor!

    You have a flesh-eating virus in your mind? That sucks.
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    I need a doctor!

    Well, this takes the biscuit for weird advice threads on the Escapist. I would give you my professional opinion, but then again you can probably guess it. GO TO A DOCTOR. THIS SHIT IS WHY THEY EXIST. Also, try not to die. That would suck something awful, okay?
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    Best Way To Make A Telemarketer Rage Quit

    On a slight tangent: My girlfriend's father was being treated for lukemia a while ago (bleak start, yes, but keep reading. It gets funny, I swear), and thanks to the chemotherapy and related fun he had to stay inside for months whilst his immune system grew back from square one. Anyway...
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    If TF2 was real life...

    Medic. Because I'm that nice.
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    Best Way To Make A Telemarketer Rage Quit

    I dislike being called as much as anybody, but I've had friends who have had to work in the industry (and hated every second of it) and as such force myself to be polite. Through gritted teeth if I must. Having said that, if I were going to be a dick it would be the "Wait a minute, I just...
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    Poll: New Eve Online Escapist Corporation: Anyone interested?

    Alas, I had to quit EVE about two months ago due to time constraints (damn you job!), and miss it very much. I encourage everybody and their dog to give EVE a try, but for the love of god join up with a corporation as soon as possible. If not you're faced with nothing to do that nevertheless...