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    Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen to Have PC Release Next Year

    So let me get this straight, Capcom is porting Dragon's Dogma to PC now, or rather january next year, all of a sudden after making not a peep despite alot of people asking for it before the new gen of consoles was even out. Let's see what else releases around that time, ah yes Dark Souls 3 in...
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    One Piece Is Less than 80% Finished

    Yeah i rather doubt we're 70-80% through. There is just too much stuff left that Oda has to explain and the Arcs have become longer, rather than shorter, with a whole lot of faffing about, Dressrosa and Fishman Island being prime examples of "Arcs that have just gone too long", previously only...
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    Sony Lets Bloodborne Trademark Expire a Day Before Its Release

    First off, try to be less rude. "Oh i watched this from the sidelines and now im going to jump in to be a dickbag", not helping your case at all. Secondly, well DUH, of course Sony isnt Microsoft, but your argument is what? That sony would never put games on pc? Well there was this company...
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    Sony Lets Bloodborne Trademark Expire a Day Before Its Release

    The point is that exclusive has many different terms which sets them apart. For example Rise of the Tomb Raider is exclusive, but only for a time, hence the term Timed Exclusive, so it will appear on microsoft consoles first and everywhere else later. Then you have exclusive based on "I want...
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    Sony Lets Bloodborne Trademark Expire a Day Before Its Release

    How's that not make sense? Do you think Sony actually paid for exclusivity? Sure, they could have, we have no real way of knowing whether they did or not, but they made sure the IP was theirs, so From cant exactly do anything if Sony says no. Case in point Sony didnt allow Demon's Souls 2 to be...
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    Sony Lets Bloodborne Trademark Expire a Day Before Its Release

    Firstly, Street Fighter 5 is not a Playstation exclusive, its also coming to PC. In short only the direct competitor consoles are left out. Secondly, the contract was signed either shortly before or shortly after the Artorias DLC was finished, so either before or during the PC release of the...
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    Rats Exonerated! Gerbils Actually Caused The Black Death

    Actually, fleas do cross hosts, hence a flea from a rat can jump to a cat, a dog or a human. It is somewhat uncommon but entirely possible when their natural food-source is diminished or lacking. In an era where rats were common, cats were driven away and dogs were not even really a thing yet...
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    Requesting a Dark Souls 2 Mentor

    Forgot it was there, partially because i never needed it, however it is another thing to get, my point was really not to go into the Cathedral, since there is no real reason for them to kill the Old Dragonslayer that early, especially not when being a newbie. However, in essence the maingoal...
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    Requesting a Dark Souls 2 Mentor

    Okay first rule of business. Do not play Sorcerer or Cleric. They used to be somewhat broken ages ago but magic has been nerfed repeatedly so they are now very hard to play, unless you have prior knowledge of the game. Pick a class with a shield, such as the Knight. Alternative choices would be...
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    You Are A Trickster God, Exact Your Petty Revenge

    It wasnt that bad. It came a little abrupt but honestly, the whole lead up to that was..broken. It just kept upping the stakes endlessly and then "Everyone lived happily ever after". Just wait for the ending to Bleach, i cant see that ever ending well.
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    Your favorite Miracle of Sound song?!

    My favorites would be The New Black Gold (2013) and Cries Of A Dead World.
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    Scarlett Johansson to Star in Ghost in the Shell Live-Action Film

    I never said anything about her using her looks was a bad thing, i simply stated that him saying she was just ass and tits in a suit was oversimplifying that aspect of her personality. Truth is, she may not even be a she, she is fully prostethic, meaning there isnt any human part left, so for...
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    Scarlett Johansson to Star in Ghost in the Shell Live-Action Film

    He kinda has a point, although its oversimplified because its very obvious that she uses her looks to her advantage, i.e. she is a honeytrap. That being said, there are many variations they could draw from, the original manga, the 1995 movie, SAC Series or Arise, they are all markedly different...
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    What's so outrageous about Uplay?

    The problem with Uplay is that it is essentially redundant in its functionality. As a digital distribution platform, it lags behind steam because it has a much smaller portfolio, much like Origin. However Origin has EA Titles almost exclusively, or rather every EA title is bound to it and cannot...