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    Poll: Advice on Gaming PCs

    Provided you take it step by step and consult a guide when necessary building it yourself doesn't have to be as daunting as it can seem. Most of the issues tend to be physical (i.e. a few of the cables might be a pain to position onto their plug, getting the screws to line up might be a pain...
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    Scientists Create Gun That Physically Stops You From Talking

    A gun that fires censorship? This is ripe for politcal satire, I am sure of it.
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    Battlefield Dev: Anti-Used Games Tech Isn't "Evil" or "Stupid"

    No they don't, not in the slightest. They are a valuable thing to the end consumer. But to the actual game development industry? Not in the slightest. Same for piracy. Great for people who want to play games, but does nothing than reduce the profits of developers.
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    Fallout Fan Takes On Bethesda's Lawyers

    Bethesda Softworks is a publisher and not the same as Bethesda Game Studios. I'm quite sure Todd Howard doesn't give a crap.
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    Capcom Defends Locked Content in Street Fighter X Tekken

    I can see your point and I don't necessarily disagree. But it would lead to developers stopping doing anything once the game hits its finished feature set and then starting up again once it goes gold rather.
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    Used Game Sales "Killing" Single Player Titles

    Piracy. It exists on consoles a bit but is no where near as prevalent as it was with the PS1 and modchips.
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    One Million Moms Want Same-Sex Archie Comic Out of Toys 'R' Us

    I have to wonder if the name "one million moms" wasnt solely chosen to create misleading headlines about the group.
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    A public beating... against a child

    Also the likelihood of getting sued for medical costs due to a lack of good samaritan laws.
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    Critical Miss: Skyrim Tales

    Sadly less than half of that will count thanks to the 500~ armour point cap.
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    Ways that Oblivion is superior to Skyrim

    Actually ... yeah. Active effects like disease are in the magic menu... you have to back out to switch to that. There's no quick paperdoll view. No way to see weight, price, equipped items quickly or sort by them. No scroll bar either. You have to use keyboard and mouse and you can't use...
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    Skyrim: Blocking and you, or This is why you keep dying.

    Why block when I can just chug 30 bowls of cabbage soup?
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

    Oh please. There's only one valid choice for a Viking dragon slayer [].
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    If you went in that one graybeard dungeon you may want to go and run back through the first level of it. For some reason she got stuck in Wait mode there for me. DAMMIT BETH, ADD MAP MARKERS FOR THEM... and make them back off in doorways... and fix the UI... and make the dragons easier to get...
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    Saints Row: The Third to require online pass for co-op.

    This isn't really kosher since coop must have next to no server load. Ordinarily a game has a certain online life span (say 200-300 hours) but if it gets sold second hand that $60 now has to cover a potentially infinite online lifespan. Co-op? Not so much. If they do charge it should be like a buck.
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    EA Germany: "Origin Is Not Spyware"

    That simply isn't true: Steam looks for what programs you have too. The problem is that Origin's algorithm just indescriminately scans files when it really shouldnt.