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    Groups of people commenting you as you walk by.

    Pff ignore they only said "nice weather isnt it" calm the fuck down lol. What this dude says above me^
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    Republic Commando- A good idea?

    I liked it alot.. Online was fun to
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    Game climaxes which disappoint?

    Far cry 2 had the most bullpoop ending ever in gaming history! Or maybe i just didnt understand it. Also Fallout 3! i never like dieing at the end of a long game
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    Your Last 5 Game Purchases...and the Future!

    My last 5 games that i bought were: Just Cause 2 (PS3) Battlefield Bad Company 2(PC) Dragon Age: Awakening (PC) Mass Effect 2 (PC) Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) And games that i am going to buy next: Starcraft II (PC.. Duhh) Fallout New Vegas (PC) Crysis 2 (PC) Portal 2 (PC) SWTOR (PC)
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    The "Autism family": Is this acceptable?

    As long as those kids dont pass on their genes no harm is done to the human race, If infact they do then we are going backward as a species
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    BFBC2: Poorly Ported to PC

    errr wtf? i have a dual core and my pc is very crummy.. but Bad Company two runs perfectly :)
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    Suggest me an RTS.

    Im in the Starcraft 2 beta and atm its shaping up to be one AMAZING game!.. get Starcraft 1 and warcraft 3 until it comes out. ive played alot of RTS's and Starcraft is definatly the best Also Red Alert 3 sucks donkey d***
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    Mysterious Bug Cripples PS3s Worldwide

    SERIOUSLY lame!! i really wanted to play some Heavy Rain!! :(
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    Poll: LoL? Better than DOTA?

    I love DOTA alot and have never ever heard of LoL?? I guess ill look it up
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 37: Emergency Landing

    THAT was AWESOME :)!! the best bit was when the captain got killed.. god that actually made me laugh out loud!!.. keep up the good work
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    What does every good game need?

    They all need to be made by Bioware!
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    It's Valentines Day, what are you doing?

    Holy crap you too ^^? Apparently being sick means i cant get my "valentines day present" :(:(
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    Looking to buy an RTS for the first time.

    I just love starcraft! get that :)
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    Poll: Boycotting C&C 4?

    NO BASEBUILDING!!! PAHH im certainly not going to buy it ^^
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    Faster than light travel.

    That would be the case if light speed was infinate now wouldnt it?.. whats 3 billion x an incredibly small small number... The mass of an electron is 9.11x10^-31 the mass of a photon is ALOT SMALLER .... The speed of light is 3x10^8 m/s The rest mass of a photon is practically 0 its so small...