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    Escape to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    In a rare turn of events...I totally disagree. The monster battles were amazing. It delivered on that front in spades. But the rest was terrible. Hi, I'm Charlie Hunnam. You may know me as Dax Shepherd so for this movie I will be Dax Shepherd. I will even walk with the same swagger and grip...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Great Gatsby

    I just saw Sta Trek Into Darkness and it's well worth it. Just the right amount of homage to Star Trek 2 with some great new takes and twists added in. Benedict Cumberbatch is terrifying but I was most surprised by the fact that Chris Pine proved he can will see what I mean. Trekies...
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    Iran Sentences Game Developer To Death

    Fan meet shit. Welcome to world war 3. Thing is, if they actually succeed in pissing off Americans enough then the government will intervene eventually and they will learn, like so many before them, that you don't poke a bear with a stick even if you think he smells of blasphemy. Especially...
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    Captain America Creator Dies

    This so weird. I literally watched the Cap blu-ray special features yesterday where they said about him being the only guy left alive from Cap's first appearance...and on that very day he died. RIP legend
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    Australian Attorney General Calls For Violent Videogame Ban

    Just make the prostitute NPCs unkillable. Easy.
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    Favorite Arkham City Moments *Spoilers*

    There is also a place near the steel mill with a graffiti tag of Black Mask which answers a riddle and explains why Black Mask is getting a beat down at the start. Just before the game begins he manages to escape Arkham City and is pursued through Gotham by Strange's forces before being...
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    AC Revelations PSN Beta Code Requests

    Sentinel you are a legend! Thank you SO MUCH! I now have a code peoples so feel free to use this thread as a request forum for yourselves.
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    AC Revelations PSN Beta Code Requests

    I saw a trailer for the beta yesterday. Didn't even know it was coming to psn. Now I want to play it so badly I considered buying a game to link up my ps3 to uplay but the emails have already been sent :(
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    AC Revelations PSN Beta Code Requests

    Hi all I haven't actually played a single ubisoft game on my ps3 and am not a ps+ subscriber. If there's anyone who has a spare code, maybe you're ps3 is already linked to uplay and you are also a ps+ subscriber, I would greatly appreciate it. Please PM me if possible. I'm dying to play...
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    Worst achievements / trophies

    There is an achievement on Nier to get every item in the game. In order to achive this you have to grind one single area for a randomly generated item when you kill a pretty annoying enemy. It spawns about 1/50 times and you need 3 of them. Fuck that with bells on.
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    Hardest dificulties that are ACTUALLY BLOODY HARD!

    Definitely this. I had the greatest nerd rage of all time playing this game. Dead Space 2 hardcore mode is an absolute bastard.
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    UK Xbox Magazine Teases Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details

    There better not be a single god damn achievement linked to multiplayer or they can go fuck themselves.
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    Jimquisition: Fight in the Name of Childishness

    Fox News...what a bunch of cnuts! ;)
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    Oslo Murders Lead to Calls For Game Bans in Australia

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    The Humble Indie Bundle is Back

    Can't believe the article doesn't mention that the Doraleus guys are voicing it. I want that show back SO BAAAAADDDDD!!!!