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    Fellow Americans, Which state do you think is the best/worst?

    Texas, clearly. Why anyone would want to live in one of those 49 other, lesser states is beyond me.
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    And all the Oscars goes to.... God Bless America

    This looks really messed up. And completely unfunny. I have no desire to watch this movie, or watch it win anything.
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    Obsidian Lost Bonus for Fallout: New Vegas by One Metacritic Point

    That's pretty ridiculous. I can't fathom why Obsidian would agree to that, given how notoriously unreliable and easily manipulated metacritic and the like are.
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    Used Game Sales "Killing" Single Player Titles

    I don't buy that for a second. Movie and book publishers do just fine and dandy without thinking themselves entitled to a cut of used sales. Why should games be any different?
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    Should the overweight pay more for airfare?

    A lot of people seem to have missed the fact that this has nothing to do with health and everything to do with physics: it takes more fuel to fly a heavy object than a light one. What the object is makes no difference. A 300lb morbidly obese dude, 300lb athlete, or a 300lb box of lead are...
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    Poll: Would you support a human Genophage?

    overpopulation is avoidable without such drastic measures. the birthrate falls off dramatically as countries develop and the education level of women improves; in fact several developed nations, most notably japan, have birthrates below replacement levels. so no, no genophage, or any other...
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    March Mayhem 2012 Begins! Vote for Your Favorite Developers!

    Are we gonna see the minecraft flame/tears meter again this year? that was hilarious.
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    How do they get away with releasing games like Skyrim on consoles?

    Is your console running hot? that'd be my first guess.
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    That Game You Feel Has Potential, But Completely Failed Delivering.

    the new jurassic park game was pretty disappointing. the visuals look about ten years old, and the nonstop quicktime events get old REALLY fast.
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    Assassin's Creed III Declares Independence from England

    honestly, my first reaction on seeing the cover was something like "are we being serious right now? because this looks rediculous". There are lots of revolutions that have famous assasinations. Ours isn't one of them.
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    alabama denies dna test to potentially innocent man

    I'm going to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the CSI effect. The mere fact that a DNA test was not done does not necessarily mean that a conviction is invalid. This is not to say that justice has been done in the case of Mr. Arthur, merely that we should not proceed immediately from...
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    Scientists Create Gun That Physically Stops You From Talking

    oh, they've had those, this one's just quieter and makes less of a bloody mess... And since the previous incarnations are regulated closely, this one ought to be too.
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    Feed Dump: Hot Nurses and Pregnant Chimps

    many laffs were had...well done Graham.
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    Poll: Are you in Debt ?

    why isn't there a poll option for "no, i'm not in debt because i'm careful with my money & eat ramen a lot", hmm? you don't have to be rich to keep out of debt.
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    Gabe Newell Acknowledges Frustrations With Half-Life 3

    ergo, a theory: valve has decided to continue the episodic design, but now they have decided to build ALL HL3 episodes ahead of time.