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    Can I continue in Fallout 3?

    I was thinking the exact same thing, multiple endings my ass! There's one ending with a handful of variations. Sort of like taking a dump, it can come out either way but it's always the same shit. Excuse the vile metaphor but in this case I think it's valid. Talking shit about 200 different...
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    An epic rant of epic proportions -_-_-_- Graphics over Gameplay? Why?

    The biggest mistake any game developer can make is to sacrifice gameplay for graphics, what do you want to do personally? Play a game or watch a DVD? Gameplay is paramount but not everything
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    Favorite Fallout 3 Weapon

    The sniper rifle, but using it for too long a time is impossible. It's hard to keep it in good shape as the weapon is rare and ammo is scarce. Anyone who has one of those in the inventory knows how useful it is to keep the fighting at a distance.
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    140: Mass Effect Saves Humanity - for What?

    That was a bunch of nonsense. It's just a shallow RPG I beat in less than 10 hours and really nothing anyone who plays these types of games hasn't seen before. And the Soviet Union did beat your country in the space race, you have no respect.
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    Maybe they will aspire to something greater than their parents, maybe they will become slavers themselves? The world is full of endless possibilities after all! :)
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    I wouldn't say that is very psychotic in itself. It is one thing to push a button from afar, it is quite the other to chase the poor devils down with a flaming sword, throw their dismember heads in the radioactive water, dance around with naked corpses and THEN push the button. This is after...
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    This brings me back to Fallout 2 when I discovered you could shoot people in the groin, how brutal is that on a scale? As I didn't have the patience for all the talketive types of the wastes at the time I made a character named the "Groininator" whose sole purpose was to get through the game by...
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    Indeed! Although some of this posts are rather lame. Fallout is supposed to be extreme gaming experience after all
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    Man I have no idea I play PC-version, but are you sure you are willing to attempt this act of utter insanity freely!?
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    I see you have also discovered the grab and drag function! Join the fun :)
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    Favorite Fallout 3 baddie

    The most rewarding ones are the Enclave, not only does it feel good to blow them away, fascist bastards that they undoubtably are, but they always carry top of the line gear like the plasma rifles. So go shoot some enclaves and make Che Guevara proud! Deathclaws, bah! I kill them with...
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    Most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3

    The most messed up thing I ever did was trying out the grab item function that I never discovered in Oblivion. Oh how fun it is! I put filthy piles of junk and and other assorded nastyness in the cafeteria dinner plates giggling at my getting back at those snobs in the tower. Somehow a few...
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Why is that? of course it's racist if the character does nothing but rob people, swear and deal drugs. That's racist. Now is Star Trek Deep Space Nine a racist show because the captain is african? Just making games that are all about the same brownish haired white man, now that's racist
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    What if the character is from the "middle-east"? If you are Iranian, Arab, Turk or Hindu you are either shooting a brother in the cloth covered face for placing bombs on some building or holding hostages. Now of course it's a valid question, but it could be a lot worse, and it is for us. I've...