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    You have been sentenced to die... No really..

    That's OK. After all, everybody knows you just have to wait for the dragon attack...
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    Poll: Do you know/are you learning a second language?

    Nur seit zwei Monaten, aber ich denke dass ich habe viel gelernt. Man musst der Fälle hüten! In Czech there are 7... makes German seem simple. I think in either English or French- French is technically my mother tongue but I've been living in England for most of my life, so my English is better.
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    Poll: Do you know/are you learning a second language?

    I speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I'm learning German and Czech. I love learning languages, it's the only thing I'm any good at.
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    You're thrown into a war... what role do you play?

    I'd run away to another country.
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

    Only one name was fitting for my Dark Elf. Jiub. Felt like I owed the old guy something. He did kill all the cliff racers, after all.
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    Skyrim elves look AWFUL :(

    I'm playing a dark elf vampire assassin and he looks utterly sinister. All the elves in general look amazing.
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    Skyrim: What did you roll ?

    I'll definitely be playing a Dark Elf assassin/thief with dreams of becoming a vampire. Bollocks to the main quest. Can't buy the game until I get paid though, which isn't for another...3 weeks! Argh
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    Your Battle Theme

    Justice - Waters of Nazareth. Awesome tune.
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    *gasp!* Someone who has never heard The Beatles??

    My favourite one has to be 'I should have known better.' PERFECTION, ladies and gentlemen.
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    Are you a Cat or Dog person?

    I love me some kitties.
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    Poll: Woman guts horse, takes pictures in it's carcass's definitely not a normal thing to do. But if the horse was killed humanely/died of natural causes it's not actually illegal.
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    I shed big, manly tears during most Disney films.
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    Do you cry when in physical pain?

    When I was younger sure, but that's more of a scared/nervous reaction to an injury anyway. Now when I get a stupid but intensely painful injury, like a stubbed toe I'll jump around and turn the air blue. If it's really serious trauma then I'll curl up and bare my teeth and moan to myself.
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    Another satellite is supposed to drop on us...

    The 'Civilization V' model of world government.
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    Humorous banned words

    Our school banned a web page about the Eiffel Tower because 'it was erected in 1889'