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    LoadingReadyRun: Columbus of the Internet

    So, LRR ended up uploading this to their YouTube... The comments section went bonkers... All the crazies are out in force...
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    Poll: Do you sit/squat in the shower?

    I don't but I wouldn't care whether anyone else did or not.
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    Why is Internet Explorer "a joke".

    Let's put it in terms of money Chrome, FireFox, Opera: $50 Current IE: $5 Older versions of IE: $1 IE6: Owes you $50 So, it's not "bad" and it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, but there are better alternatives. It may no longer be a cancer, but it's merely upgraded to placebo.
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    Does the use of some acronyms annoy you?

    While it has the same essential meaning, I always thought OP meant "original poster" not "opening post" (Then, there's the confusion when you get into a gaming thread and OP means "over-powered" instead.)
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    Lack of demos boost piracy.

    Back to his first post... (Emphasis mine.) He wasn't just talking about demos. He was talking about renting as well. While this is admirable, sometimes, it's the only way to get it. Sometimes you need to spend money on a game. If I'm renting or buying a game, or any other entertainment, for that...
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    Movie Defense Force: Freddy vs. Jason

    I have to say, about this series... Jim, I love the series, but hate the intro and outro. Get some better theme music and graphics for Season 2 or whatever.
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    Most difficult boss you've faced.

    My boss at the last job I worked at before my current job was a total... Oh wait... You mean _video game_ boss...
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    Poll: Men and women being freinds

    There's no "I don't have friends at all" option, which I need.
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    Cynicism: An Endless, Useless, and Destructive Cycle.

    I think that Miles O'Brien said it best when he said something like "It's better to be a pessimist than an optimist. If you're an optimist, you're always disappointed. If you're a pessimist, things either go as expected or you're pleasantly surprised."
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    You're God. What do you look like?

    Being visible is over-rated. My followers will know me by smell and sound.
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    Games you never found another player of (or even heard of)

    No one I've met has ever played a game called Locus, which is a game I love. It was made back in 1995, which is part of the reason I understand that there are no players I can find for it. Each team has 2 players, 1 AI and 1 either human or AI, depending on whether you're playing multi-player...
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    Poll: E-Book vs Paperback

    My huge library of books are almost all signed by the author. The author can't sign and personalize an e-book.
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    Love for Sisko?

    I see all the hate for Enterprise. I say that if you started watching it from the beginning and didn't like it, then ignore Seasons 1-3 and watch Season 4. You'll find it much, much better. If they'd gotten the Season 4 writers back in Season 1, they wouldn't have lost their fanbase.
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    Love for Sisko?

    I actually found Phlox funny and likable. McCoy was the perfect good-old Southern doctor. Crusher was your friend, but didn't lose sight of the big picture when it was crunch time. Bashir was grating on me at first, but he started growing up and became quite good. The EMH was a good character as...