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    Shadow of Mordor is Nothing But Infantile Revenge Porn

    I agree on pretty much all points except one: I never saw Revenge as any kind of motivator for Talion. I always got the impression that Talion was desperately chasing a death wish. That's why he was so gung-ho about fighting and especially killing the Black Hand: because it would finally...
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    [Dragon Age: Origins] A Roguish Type's Best Friends

    I largely agree with everything posted here except for one specific thing: Alistair is most assuredly not the best tank. Shale is. I believe she's, unfortunately, locked behind a paywall (I think anyway, been a long time), but she's easily the best tank in the game with a kinda outrageous...
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    Breastfeeding in Public

    Some combination of: -Make a production out of the affair -Set up to do it in the middle of a crowded, busy area, obstructing some portion of the crowd in the process -Loudly declare what she's doing -Cause a scene in some fashion either while or shortly before the baby eats All of those...
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    Breastfeeding in Public

    I don't see any issue with public breastfeeding at all. It's unusual, so it might garner a second glance, but that's about the entirety of my reaction to it. There's nothing wrong with it. If I were a woman, I couldn't imagine ever actually doing it, but I don't see anything wrong with...
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    Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade Gets the Man at Arms Treatment

    At least I don't swap out my eyes for feet! [] :P
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    Spending $300 on an Internet Spaceship

    I'm a big supporter of Star Citizen (I think I've dropped like $1200 on this game, I may have a problem), so I really can't help but approve of more people wanting to get in on it, but I think you're approaching this from the wrong angle. It's not "Is this ship worth the money?", but "Do I...
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    Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade Gets the Man at Arms Treatment

    If memory serves, the firing mechanism is supposed to turn the sword into a budget vibroblade. The discharge vibrates the blade at an extremely high frequency which makes it cut better somehow. It's pretty much pseudoscientific bullshit, but I can kinda sorta see how it's supposed to work.
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    So what exactly IS Shadow of Mordor

    1) Kinda sorta not really. The story boils down to "main character watches his family be murdered in front of his eyes, wakes up a couple days later and swears to kill the guy responsible so that the curse keeping him alive and separated from his family can be broken". There's some real depth...
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    Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade Gets the Man at Arms Treatment

    Every time I see these videos, I'm struck by an incredible urge to hunt down the people involved and throw money at them until they give me whatever they made in that video. I may have a problem :(
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    Am I going to cry at the end of Mass Effect 3? No spoilers!

    Eh yes and no. It's not the end of the game that's the sad part.
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    Global Warming Underestimated by up to 50%

    Wesa gunna die! /JarJar Slightly more seriously: This doesn't surprise me in the least. It's disappointing, but not surprising. Here's to hoping somebody figures out a way to check this shit before it tips over the edge.
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    Ludicrous $750 Goliath Statue Promotes the Launch of Evolve

    Oh god. Why did I have to see this article? I'm gonna be fighting myself for weeks over buying this. I'm a sucker for awesome statues, and that one is really fucking awesome. Somebody needs to take my wallet away until I forget about this thing.
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    Poll: On the Term Gamer And Its Usage

    I'm not a fan of these options. I've always believed that "Gamer" as a term refers to anyone who is enthusiastic about games, regardless of what those games happen to be. It doesn't matter whether or not you play COD, StarCraft, or Candy Crush. All that matters is that you love games and get...
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    So, about that final boss in Shadow of Mordor...

    Wait, you mean people unlock brand and still kill Captains? What madness is this? Do what I do and mind control all 50 Captains and amass your army!
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    Favorite Hyrule Warrior? Anyone you wish was added to the game?

    Ganondorf is my favorite so far (I've just barely unlocked him in Legend Mode, so I'm sure there's more characters I haven't played yet), with Darunia coming in the #2 spot. I wish his combo attacks would execute faster, but everything else about playing him I adore and he's easily the best...