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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    is this allowed to be rationally challenged/debated? or does that make you a horrible nasty person?
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    What was the worst game that you pre-ordered?

    Mario sunshine. just did not get on with it at all. Traded it in the end. Tend not to pre order now.
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    Capcom: Next-Gen Development "Eight to Ten Times" More Work

    adding to that list, please can we have Resident evil HD remake of RE 1-3. For us aging Capcom fans. Resident Evil Revelations showed how Resident evil can still be fun. more that direction please.
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    I just got the Wii U Premium

    spent christmas day and several days after playing on the Wii U with my girlfriends brother. Zombie U was great, Super Mario 3D World was good fun. wind waker looked awesome. All in all, I liked it. At least it is a games machine, with other media abilities tacked on, you can use the...
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    What was your Game of the Year for 2013?

    Papers Please has been a fantastic find. Batman: Arkham Origins continued the trend of making me less interested in the Arkham series. Very disappointing.
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    That loud BUUUUUNNGHHGH noise in movies

    What does get a bit srange, is how certain songs are now termed 'epic noise' Clint Mansell (Guy with no music training but lost of experience in a electronic band) said on a BBC doc recently how this gets stuffed onto any video on youtube to make it epic. Best example i can remember of recent...
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    Games With TOO Much Content?

    Batman Arkham City. I Love Arkham Asylum, for being taut, tense and concise. I didnt feel the sequel added anything by making it 4 times the size, adding in loads more different gadgets and the riddler stuff just became a pain in the arse by the end. And Catwoman, well, just No!
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    Recommend me a bad book!

    any number of the star wars books. especially badly written by Aaron Allson, Troy Denning or Michael P.Kube-McDowell. The more recent, the generally worse they are. good (terrible) examples- Inferno Vortex Exile Outcast black fleet crisis : before the storm black fleet crisis ...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Adam west mode please. biff! pow! ouch! and the music everytime you get into a fight.
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    Horrible games.

    super mario sunshine. one of the only games i pre-ordered. got rid of very soon after. horrible game.
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    Waking up to...

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    Downloading is a human right.

    does buying game of the year edition or at a discount price amount to stealing as well?
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    Poll: After today's big reveal, are you getting a Wii U?

    F-Zero X HD. and then we'll talk ninty. Or a new F-Zero with no stupid added on weapons, drift to boost, boost to cause damage, cause every racing game HAS to be burnout, That would also be awesome. Just make it pretty, blistering fast, and allow all maps available for all F-Zeor's ever, then...
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    'Computer games keep the elderly mentally active'

    gives me faith for the world. no COPMUTER, KILL WITH FIRE nonsense here.
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    The Closure of HMV

    lost interest when HMV stopped selling records. there collection was always a bit on the naff side, but the decks were always heavily queued up. and that was around 2005 they stopped selling defunct tech. Their games display has been a puzzler of recent. Their second hand for one. MOH...