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    Mass Effect Andromeda first impressions?

    I just finished the storyline content in the MEA Demo last night (3.5 hrs) and I gotta say that I'm disappointed. Having just replayed ME1-3 in preparation, I'm shocked that MEA doesn't look as good as a five year old game. But I can live with those problems. My greater concerns is that once...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda is Getting a Companion App

    Based on what I learned playing the demo for two hours yesterday, I'd say this is Multiplayer only. Gotta push people towards those micro transactions, because the main game has issues...
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    Mass Effect - Andromeda's Main Characters Are Brother And Sister

    So we have Dragon Age 2 all over again, where Bioware will use the other sibling as a cheap plot device? Color me unimpressed. (The video is nice though)
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Trailer Shows Off Adam Jensen Kicking Some Ass

    What is up with the Escapist restricting full screen on YouTube videos they share? No there website I visit does it.
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    Niantic Responds to Pokemon GO Criticism

    Or I straight up typo'd when getting the pikeman named mouth past autocorrect. Along with every other pikeman in my post. (AC errors in that sentence intentionally left in place) You're right, meowth. Not mew two.
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    Niantic Responds to Pokemon GO Criticism

    The location that you are walking strongly dictates the what Pokeman you find. My home is nothing but Rattatas, Pidgeys, and the occasionally Evee during the day, but my office has bulbasaurs, dodrio, staryu, and horsea, with the occasional rhyhorn, magmar, and tauros. There is one park near...
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    Bourne Tops Box Office, Star Trek Drops Big

    Agreed. I thought Bourne was awful, so here's hoping that Beyond has legs and Bourne drops like a rock.
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    Chris Evans Has Already Quit Top Gear

    +1 This is it; your pointe exactly. I'm a long time TG fan that tried the new show, and I'd go so far as to say that he killed every scene he's in. The other presenters are all interesting, in fact Rory and other-Chris are downright compelling to watch, but Evans was just painful. Joey...
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    Disney May Pull Marvel Productions From Georgia Over Anti-Gay Law

    Agreed (my state too). It shocks me the braindead comments that our government officials are making on this. Anyone who successfully completed 8th grade can read this law and see the problems with it. This is another example of why we all need to pay closer attention to local...
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    Who Will Be Cast as The Young Han Solo For the Upcoming Film?

    Oh yeah. But please, dear god no James Franco! No!
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    The New Batman v Superman Trailer Has Wonder Woman and ... Humor?!!

    I've gotta admit, the trailer (finally) made the movie look interesting to me. The prior one and all the production pics looked excessively nolany (overly serious, totally brooding, bleh). In all honesty, I am now more interested in this movie than Civil War.
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    The Conjuring's Actual House Owners Are Suing Warner Bros.

    The challenge is that the house wasn't actually used in the film and the family signed nothing with Warner. It just happens to be the haunted house where the supposed true story took place.
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    "I Could do With a Bit More Money!" Says Shenmue 3 Creator

    This is all thanks to Star Citizen... I doubt that Sega would have supported an eternal funding model without an independent trying it first.
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    The Incredible Cosplay of DragonCon Part 2

    Really cool pictures, but can we have more than one pic per page? Maybe for subscribers? The Escapist seems to be getting click happy of late.
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    Harley Quinn: Addressing the Critics of "Crazy Sexy Cool"

    Or maybe the "antifeminist" crowd could grow up, quit objectifying women, and accept that women are unique and different from men as well as deserve to be respected for their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Women have so much more that they can give society if we stop trying to force them...