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    Good space exploration/combat/colonising games

    First one that comes to mind is the classic Master of Orion. 2 is great, I haven't played 3 but apparently it's a disaster.
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    Has a game ever moved you to tears? *SPOILERS ABOUND*

    Final Fantasy X, the scene where Tidus and Yuna enter the lake. Cheesy? Maybe. But I was in love back then.
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    How Do You Calm Down?

    Congratz on being a reasonable person. When I need to calm down because I'm angry, I find that channeling the rage into some physical activity like push-ups or running helps a lot. If it's because I'm stressed and mentally fatigued then video games/funny youtube videos/music + beer do the...
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    In-Game Hoarding Addiction

    In Terraria, I have over 1000 blocks of dirt stored in a chest. I'd like to think they're useful though. For, you know... landscaping and stuff... In Oblivion, I used to collect specific useless items just for giggles. And by 'specific useless items' I mean every human skull and bone I could...
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    Poll: What alcohol do you prefer?

    I'm surprised by the number of peoples who like vodka. I can't stand it personally, even though you'd think it'd taste like mother's milk, considering I come from Eastern Europe and all. I hate the taste of alcohol (by which I mean the specific substance ethanol), but I love drinking. So I...
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    You are a Pirate, Whats your ship called?

    Bugman's Delight. ARRRGGHHH! Incidentally, I just reinstalled Sid Meier's Pirates. Hoist the Jolly Roger!
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    Anger in games

    Doctor Chakwas, the nice old lady? But she's so precious! I get angry when the stuff I'm controlling does silly things (say, RTS units having pathfinding problems or rabidly chasing an enemy they're not supposed to) or when I get my ass kicked by the AI. For some reason getting beat by a...
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    How do you kill what's already dead?

    I suggest an Exterminatus.
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    Poll: WTF NZ? GTFO you cant be serious!

    I won't judge, especially considering I have no idea how it might taste. Look at it this way - milk is a bodily fluid that comes from the tit of a farm animal, honey is basically bee vomit, the contents of an egg are fluids meant to protect and nourish an embryo. All of these things are...
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    Fox News Takes Aim at "Offensive" Duke Nukem Forever

    Duke Nukem = over-the-top sexism meant as a joke Fox News' Bil O'Reilly = actual sexism
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    Excitable Elder Scrolls Fan Creates Animated Tribute to Skyrim

    The boner was unexpected.
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    You have been transformed into your avatar.

    I am now filled with beer. Not a bad state to be in, I say.
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    Poll: Jade Empire 2

    Oh, so much want. I loved the atmosphere, the music, the story. If Bioware made a sequel on the same technical level as Mass Effect... *goosebumps*
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    Best Narrator, period

    I was growing increasingly confused why no-one mentioned him up to this point. His voice is like a brain massage.
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    Ignoring that little voice in your head

    I suggest a lobotomy. But seriously, what's the problem? According to what you say the two of you had some sort of chemistry and it was only because of the distance that the relationship had to end. Now the distance is gone again but the chemistry is apparently still there. Maybe you're...