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    It's the gamepocalypse, you can only save one game!

    Battlefield 2, it's the only answer
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    Free Steam copy of The Ship

    Do want?
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    PETA Plays Pokemon

    I disagree with you, Animals may not be seen as equal to humans (natural emotional bond to other humans), but they are certainly comparible, Animals feel pain and emotions, and thus should be treated as people. Eating meat is far more expensive than eating vegetables. I would like to know...
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    PETA Plays Pokemon

    If you all really cared about animal rights you would all be vegans and would support PETA, if you can honestly say that you value the flavour of meat above the suffering of animals, then I will not only respect you, but also call you an abhorant human being.
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    In Futurama: fry is in his mid 20s...

    and he gets taken forward in time in the year 2000. So why does it seem like his whole life played out in the 80s. He plays 80s video games, talks about 80s music, and references events from the 80s
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    Do you still play old games online?

    I still play battlefield 2 on a regular basis.
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    Julian Assange is a prick.

    Also, article of my own.
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    Julian Assange is a prick.

    1. Calling someone a prick is offensive, you know that, you wouldn't have said it otherwise, stop being a child. 2. Of course we are 'bad guys' we invade countries, destroy homes, kill civilians, repress the media, give weapons too immature boys and act surprised when they commit war crimes...
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    Julian Assange is a prick.

    I support Assange, Just watching that footage from the Apache helicopters made me sick, and the fact that there is a group out there that has published that information is great. He worked with traditional media, and had to live on the road for a long time to avoid any dangers, the idea that...
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    Bad Language and the US of A

    So I was watching 'Breaking Bad' (a US tv show about meth dealing). I will admit that it was a recorded version from america, I really don't want to wait months until it's shown in the UK. Possible exceedingly minor spoilers from now on In one scene, a character called Mike leaves a piece...
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    Poll: Your view on parents spanking their children?

    Wow, so spanking worked for you, you're perfectly normal, you don't have any problems in your life. You don;t swear in a normal conversation, or become angry because someone disagreed with you. Sure, spanking worked on you.
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    Poll: Your view on parents spanking their children?

    So a child makes a mistake, and the answer is to spank them? I just don't see the logic. If you're trying to teach them that that sort of action is dangerous, then there are plenty of alternatives to spanking. Most situation where spanking occurs, the parent isn't trying to teach the child...
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    Poll: Your view on parents spanking their children?

    If a parent has to resort to violence then they have already failed.
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    Fur Thread! (No, not that kind... )

    There is no such thing as 'slaughtering in a humane way', the animal is now dead, their life is extinguished so that you can have a nice coat, one that can be replicated with modern technology. Fur is immoral, so is meat, so is leather.
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    most captivating tv show/anime you have watched recently?

    Tv show... Breaking Bad. Started watching, couldn't stop, cannot wait for the next season.