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    Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible Musical

    MOST EPIC Undeniable genious.
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    Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible Musical

    This is for all those fans of Firefly and Buffy out there, a musical about a supervillian! Like my friend said, 'it's practically geek bait.' And he was right. It really is. It's only up until the 20th for free, so try to check it out. It's pure awesomeness!
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    When did reading become a thing to hate?

    I think reading has been something to hate in the US for a long time. It's all part of the American movement against intellectualism. It really makes me angry, being a full time nerd and all. I love to read and I'm never without a book. Plus, I write books so I damn well better read them...
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    "Let's go through this once again..." Going through a game all over again.

    Agreed. I love replaying Zelda games. And ToS is really fun to replay b/c there are so many sidequests and several extra bosses. Plus, if you get the demon weapons they get more powerful the more kills you have. So carrying over kills from a previous game and starting a new one gives you...
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    Gaming Guilt

    I never felt guilty in any game except Link to the Past when the flute boy turns into a tree. I felt bad telling his dad his son wasn't going to come home. Otherwise, I'm good. Oh, and I love playing the bad guys. If given the choice to be good or bad, I'll go bad in a heart beat. I...
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    Much ado about Japan

    Places in Tokyo that rock: Harajuku and Yoyogi Park are right next to each other and both awesome. Go on a Sunday to check out the cosplayers who hang out there. Ueno park has a lot of stuff to do in and near it, like Ameyoko across the street. It's beautiful in the spring, but...
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    Hooked on Cliches

    All the NPC's keep telling you to be careful because of all the monsters that suddenly started appearing outside of the town. It's obviously a result of an evil dark lord whom you have to defeat.
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    just how weird are you?

    I never think before I speak, which is a problem. I really should have learned by now not to spout out the strange thoughts floating through my head to strangers, but I haven't. I'm also a masochist and have a hard time finding people who really understand that. And I like to sing to my cats...
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    What kind of NPC would you be?

    I'd be that dog in Link's Awakening for the GB that bit Link when you hit it with the sword. Yep, I wanna bite Link's ass. That's kinda weird. . .
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    145: Konnichi wa, Nihon!

    Umm, I think Ducktales has a lot to do with American culture. As anime relates strongly to Japanese culture. How exactly do you separate art from culture? What do you know about Japanese culture to make such a statement to begin with? Have you ever even watched anime? Or any American...
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    145: It's A Yaoi Thing

    Umm, have you ever been to Japan? I just moved back to the US after living there for a year and I've never seen so many beautiful men in my life. Generally, Japanese men are slender and feminine looking from a western point of view. Plus, it's part of their society for the men to look like...
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    Best Boss Battle In A Game

    Thrided (is that a word? Oh well). That room and battle blew my mind. It was awesome. But I didn't find it that difficult. The boss in the Shadow Temple kicked my ass though. My fave LoZ boss battle was the final battle w/ Ganon in Windwaker. Just b/c that final move is so cool. And...
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    Make your own Government

    My government would be a puesdo-democracy, of which I would be the shadow queen (having a puppet for the people to look to would take the pressure off of me, and they could be replaced while the true power would remain). IQ tests would be mandatory which would determine the types of jobs...
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    Think of (an) unconventional/unorthodox/unusual super power(s).

    The ability to raise from the dead and control zombie llamas. Peru would be mine!
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    10% is not enough! Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

    I tried to teach my mom to play Mario Kart on the SNES in battle mode. She never really got the idea, but she beat me. I was only about 12 or 13 at the time. . . . Also, I tried to teach a couple of friends to play Golden Eye in vs. mode. They sucked so bad they forced me to handicap myself...