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    Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    Saw the movie Arachnophobia (1990) as a kid. Probably around the age of seven or eight. Much like the name of the movie says, I do to this day (22 years later) still heavily dislike spiders, and they seriously gives me the shivers. Saw it again last year, still terrifying. Also, what part of...
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    World's Top 100 Favorite Anime

    I must admit I was surprised of how much I liked From the New World! Thanks!
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    5 reasons to shave.

    Does this also include women with beards?
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    Poll: Do you find your preferred gender's genitalia attractive?

    More meat for the meat God! (yes)
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    Here's your new ultra edgy Joker!

    This looks more like Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Manson himself.
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    Foods you enjoy, but can no longer eat.

    Beer, in general. More specifically the light-brown kind is the worst of the lot. Stomach problems are the worst...
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    Old tech you just DO NOT miss.

    Libraries. That would be all.
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    Melt the ice pools, just to study the fallout.
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    News: Google considering ranking sites on factual content rather than popularity

    So once this system is in place, what would happen if you write in Fox News?
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    Your worst "Oh hell I am dumb" gaming moment.

    While playing Zelda: The wind waker. I am at this mountain temple, wherein I must reach a lower level below a rope and wooden bridge. Now, of course the most sensible way would be to ever so slightly go to the edge and try to fall down to the ledge below. WRONG! Then you die. So I...
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    Congratulations mortal! Your ascendancy is here!

    Can I be the God of time? Perhaps... even a Time Lord? All shrines will be massive blue phone booths. Of course, everyone will be oblivious to everything that happens, and maybe they will just do something stupid with my shrines, like use it for calling!
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    Sailor Moon Crystal

    Unfortunately I must agree with earlier comments on Crystal. I wish they had kept the original series' style to the characters. These new one looks like barbie-dolls.
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    Will You Press the Button?

    "You now know magic" BUT "You lose your legs" Downside? I'll just leviosaa myself everywhere.
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    Superstitions You Personally Have

    What if knocking on said wood causes a chain-reaction that makes something fall on you? Dangers are everywhere!
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    RPG Classic Akalabeth Joins GOG as Free Download

    Heresy! No human could possibly be that old and possess the ability to use the internet and modern digital devices!