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    Poll: What franchise should Miracle of Sound touch on next?

    I think I heard a rumor (possibly more than a rumor, I forget) that they actually are doing a ME collab... maybe that's why he skipped a week? In any case, if it is true.. AMAAAZING. Also, did everyone get the year of miracles badge? Or just people in the group, or what? Finally, OT: I...
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    Razer Unsheathes the Blade

    If I wanted to spend that much money on a laptop, I'd probably just get an alienware. For one, even THEIR top-of-the-line laptop is eight HUNDRED dollars cheaper. Plus they look cooler :D As for getting a desktop instead... not an option sometimes. I'm going off to college next year, and it's...
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    FortressCraft Burrows Past the $1 Million Sales Mark

    Oh, I see where I screwed up. I'm not on XBLA much, so I missed the indie distinction. Forgot it was a separate category.
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    FortressCraft Burrows Past the $1 Million Sales Mark

    So... Notch didn't SLAM them with copyright issues, and they got away with it. First XBLA game to get to 7 figures? Really? That's... odd. Anyway, I'm guessing a lot of those are from Minecraft fans that want it on their Xbox, and once the real thing comes, people playing AND new sales will...
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    In defence of the Escapist - from a contributor.

    This seems to be the response from several of the contributors, from Movie Bob to Jim Sterling. I've heard issues with some of the less well-known contributors in the past day or so, but it seems for the most part the Escapist has been pretty clear about the problems. Extra Credits is just a...
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    Nintendo CEO Takes 50% Pay Cut

    I may not agree with a lot of their ideas lately, but I have to say Iwata and company are just awesome dudes. And, like others have said above... that was a TINY salary to begin with. 1.8 million, for the CEO of one of the biggest companies in one of the most valuable entertainment properties in...
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    Expert Says Blaming Videogames for Violence is Racist

    For those talking about the racism part: It's hard to come up with in an article, but I'd say the two above posters have it right. As for the rest of it, this guy really does seem to know what he's talking about. That a kid has played violent videogames is as important as that he was wearing...
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    Trailers: League of Legends: Wukong Champion Spotlight

    What the above poster said. This is almost a bi-weekly thing, why is this one on the Escapist when none of them have been before? It's not like it's particularly spectacular :/
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    No one Has Beaten Lord Dreadmore?!

    According to GaslampGames' twitter at least two people have beaten it on Easy, but no one's beaten it on medium yet.
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    Cyberpunk Shooter Hard Reset Revealed

    POLAND UNITES! Huh, for some reason I thought People Can Fly was from Sweden :/ In all honesty, sounds... interesting. I'm guessing CD Projekt is handling story while the other two do everything else? (Obviously it's a collaborative effort, but just as obviously each studio will probably...
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    Poll: Who Do You Think is Best RPGs Between Bioware, Square Enix, and Bethesda?

    Squeenix... I have no respect for Final Fantasy anymore. Between Bioware and Bethesda... Well, if Skyrim blows me out of the water, Bethesda (Bioware could easily take the crown back if they follow through properly with Mass Effect 3, though), but, for the most part, Bioware. I'm just in love...
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    Poll: Gamers Over 30 Are ?Weird?

    That article says that people should have "something more on their minds than video games". Well, who shouldn't? That doesn't mean we, or they, can't PLAY them! That's like saying we can't watch movies because we should be thinking about more important things! :/
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    What does your forum name mean?

    Mine's far enough back I don't rightly remember. I THINK it was something a friend came up with for something or other, and I took it and used it for a handle. Since that time in 3rd grade or so, it's become my online handle for EVERYTHING online (seriously, google it, and there will be about an...
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    BioWare Could Move Away from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

    How many people actually know that Bioware even made a Sonic RPG? It's just... wth? The funny part is I've heard it's actually decent, even if it was reviewed as their worst game ever. (And it's still a 74 on Metacritic) And I know people that would think of Jade Empire first. Possibly...
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    Morality Matters, Part 2

    Morality systems in RPGs need a serious revamp, IMO. Well, the black-white ME/KotOR works for some games, but when you want to get into something deeper and more honestly role-playing (As in an actual character, not Paragon/Renegade / Light/Dark, you need something a bit more complex. Being...