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    Legend of Korra: A Fantastic Finale With a Perfect Ending

    Such a shame it's all over. The Avatar universe has always been one of my favourites, weird hybrid animals, eastern spirituality and elemental martial arts. There will be more graphic novels but they don't really cut it for me, such awesome combat needs to be animated.
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    Legend of Korra: Dueling Benders

    Varrick and Bolin carried this episode in terms of entertainment value for me, hopefully the return of dark korra heralds further interesting emotional development for the main character.
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    League of Legends Retconns its own Name, Players out of Game

    One of the devs, 'Riot Runaan' addressed this as a potential solution. Basically they didn't want to have to deal with the memory of the league overshadowing everything. Some simple questions that would arise from such a catastrophe would be, "What caused it and how did it go down?", "What...
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    Tap water , do you drink it?

    Where do you live? I'm fairly certain in the US the only thing they definitely add is chlorine and the concentration is too small to cause health problems. Maybe also Fluoride which is actually good for you. I live in...
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    Modern Warfare is a Comforting Lie

    Rath doesn't try to argue that true realism should supplant what we have now. The title of the article makes it seem like he's attacking COD:Modern Warfare but really he's uses it as an example of how unrealistic modern military shooters are and criticises the lack of any mainstream alternatives...
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Dog Reaction Was a Surprise to Activision

    Greg? Greeeeeegg? Is this a joke? Is your satire too next level for me? At least on reddit there's been nothing but widespread derision and outcries of "what the hell, why am I playing as a dog?". This is Call of Duty partially jumping the shark. Next thing you know they'll be mo-capping spec...
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    Analyst: PS4 Will Launch Under $400

    You're right about the differences between $400 AUD and $400 USD. It's useful to convert the ~$15.5/hr AUD to its 'purchasing power parity' in USD which works out to roughly $9.50 US. Essentially the OECD thinks that with $15 aussie dollars you could buy goods in Australia worth that would cost...
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    Farewell, Escapist

    NOOOO! Oh please stay for the podcat, please! Throughout my time listening to it you have been by and large a constant force for insight, energy and hilarity. Good luck with your future endeavors.
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    Jimquisition: When The Starscreams Kill Used Games

    While there's no doubt Valve's steam sales are motivated by competition, it's fairly reasonable to say that a used game market and frequent massive discounts are mutually exclusive. You can't discount a game by 75% on a sale if the next day someone can pass that game to someone else. You don't...
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    This Leviathan: Warships Spot is the Barry White of Trailers

    Everything is space with you! Can't you see that boats are the spaceships of tomorrow?
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    This Leviathan: Warships Spot is the Barry White of Trailers

    From my limited google search, battleships forever is a tactical real time strategy game that features a high degree of customisation up to and including recreating battle star galactica. Whereas leviathan warships is a simultaneous turn-based tactical strategy game or as the kids are want to...
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    From Buttons to Beats

    This article was worth reading the second I learned of the Rez "Trance vibrator". My dad and I got a great laugh out of that one. The naivete of game developers!
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    So what do we say about these "aggressive" approaches toward women?

    Yeah, except not all "PUAs" believe negging is a viable tactic or one they'd ever consider using. I'm not going to go all no true scotsman here but the fact is the primary definition of a pick up artist is they make a habit of picking up women. Not that they use cheap tricks. Some of them do...
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    So what do we say about these "aggressive" approaches toward women?

    With strawman *TM argument has never been so easy! Just make up an opinion for your adversary and take that to pieces! You don't even have to listen to the other side talk, giving you more free time to think about how much of a great person you are. I'm not a pick up artist at all, however I...
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    The Worst Big Youtubers

    I totally agree, I liked his earlier stuff but now most of it annoys me. Either he dumbed his stuff down or I got sick of his style of dumbed down comedy, I'm not sure which. I have nasty suspicion I just genuinely like that kinda crap but I'm not bothered to go through his back catalog and...