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    What exactly is the point of a 'Press Start' screen on games?

    I pretty much agree here, I think it might be a throwback to when loading took quite a while, and you go grab a snack or use the bathroom and when you come back you don't want the game going on or getting annoyed at you. I think that most of the time they are useless now, although game makers...
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    Unskippable: Halo 3: ODST

    wow, really good episode, although most are good, this one seemed particularly hilarious
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    How did you lose your gaming virginity?

    I'm not positive, but I'd have to go with the first I remember which would be (among other games) Donkey Kong Country... I would have had to be under 5-6 years old... before I started school.
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    Escape to the Movies: New Moon

    Oh you best believe I never said the book was crap, and yes I do love the book. I'm just saying that it's not a popular style. oh and I shed a tear for you because you liked something with romance in it one time... did that hurt for you?
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    Escape to the Movies: New Moon

    You consider Mario romance? how often do the people playing those games think about saving the "princess" because they love her, no they either want to win the game or in cases when she is "hot" they want to see her naked... I'm just saying that the likelihood of a man appreciating a book (or...
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    Escape to the Movies: New Moon

    I'm not trying to say that it doesn't happen to actors. What I'm saying is all of your assumptions (and that is what they are currently) are based in the fact that YOU believe these are bad movies/books with bad actors, which in my opinion is a vastly undeserved bias on your part, it's not...
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    Escape to the Movies: New Moon

    I'm aware, and scrolling through the replies, growing more and more aware that most if not all the people talking about this (movies, books, etc.) are male. And by the very definition of this series being a romance, men are 90% more likely NOT to like it. simple facts... I don't appreciate the...