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    Atlus Summons Persona Sequel, Update, and 2D Brawler

    Crap well looks like im going to lose all of my money in 2012 ah well totally worth it
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    So how is Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    So Far I have played at least 90% stealth game play and the only major prolems ive had so far are the boss battles which usully consist of you and the boss in some kind of room an you just have to gun them down but other than that I love it.
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    So how is Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    So far I have just beaten the second boss and I am having a blast. It has been a while scince I have had this much fun playing a game. Especally scince im trying to get the acheivement for not killing anyone.
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    Creatures/Characters You'd Rather Never Fight Ever Again.

    Wow i cant believe that i forgot about this boss I freaking hated her. Actually most final bosses from fighting games are really cheap but alpha 152 and the final boss from street fighter 4 take the cake
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    Creatures/Characters You'd Rather Never Fight Ever Again.

    The Mascot from Dead Rising 2 (can't remember the name for the life of me) he shoots you with his super soaker flame throwers while he tries to run into you while on roller skates. really hated that guy.
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    Music in games, is it necessary?

    While I think that music will possibly be required even after virtual reality I think that scores made by orchestras will be eventually on their way out but probably not for 10 to 15 years.
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    BioWare: Mass Effect 3's Weapon Mods Give Players More Meaningful Choices

    Hopefully they find a way to streamline the process from me1 because i preferred that much more to having no choice like i seemed to have in me1.
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    Rage Cuts Single-Player When You Buy It Used

    I would like to point out that the Publisher/developer of any game doesn't actually have any say in what Gamestop or other retailers charge the consumer for the game so if the publisher was to charge less to Gamestop for the game Gamestop could just continue to charge $60 and pocket the extra...
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    Favourite JRPG, go!

    My favourite jrpg has to be Persona 3 the story is interesting and the combat is fun the first one i ever played was probobly pokemon blue
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    Microsoft Registers,

    Dang it how did you find out abo.. I mean the canadian goverment is not at this current time nor has ever begun the training and or recruitment of miniture bears shoul sony and microsoft join forces to take over the world. That is all. OT: most games are realesed on both systems anyways so...
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    Mass effect "hot" chicks

    Well I actually went with Miranda as the love intrest for my first playthough of me2 although i dont remember seeing as for both games my team was the krogan option and tali. I also never had real problem with mirands face except in the box art it looks to me like shes wearing a wig.
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    Rumor: Leaked Concept Art Hints at New Valve IP

    For me to just because i would like to see how the put that in a video game and its never been done before at least to my knowledge.
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    Poll: Hobby Survey! (Participation needed please Escapists!)

    I am 22 years old and I picked to either watch movie and play video games mainly because its still winter up here in canada and I play alot of video games.
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    Poll: Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse.

    I loved this game me and my friend beat the game in one five hour play session so other than being a little to short it was awesome
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    Your favorite type of villian?

    I prefer the villans who are compelled by something like curiosity (scarecrow) or and addiction like Two face has with the number 2.