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    Dominions 3: The Awakening

    Way too niche a game that is.
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    Political references in Bioshock series

    Bioshock: a literary critique of objectivism and absolute libertarianism. Bioshock Infinite: a critique of religious fanaticism, racism, slavery, and the unholy alliance between religious fundamentalists (Comstock) and anti-labor capitalists (Fink), much like the current Republican Party in...
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    The Most Memorable Villain in Video Games

    Kerrigan in the original Starcraft.
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    [spoiler] Bioshock Infinite's ending is []

    It's "them" who make the reality cease to exist. And "them" only exist if the realities they originated within DO NOT cease to exist. I can't understand why you don't see the problem.
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    [spoiler] Bioshock Infinite's ending is []

    If it's NOT time travel, then those Elizabeths won't disappear, because no space-time continuum is disturbed. If it IS time travel, then there is no Elizabeth in the future to go back and kill DeWitt (No DeWitt/Comstock, no Elizabeth). THAT is the paradox.
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    [spoiler] Bioshock Infinite's ending is []

    Elizabeth only gained time and dimensional traveling ability under Comstock's care. Without Comstock, there is only "Anna", no "Elizabeth".
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    [spoiler] Bioshock Infinite's ending is []

    Still doesn't answer the question. "Only the DeWitts which became Comstock were "Drowned" via Elizabeth's intervention". No Comstock, no Elizabeth.
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    [spoiler] Bioshock Infinite's ending is []

    Bioshock Infinite's ending is a paradox (therefore huge plot hole) Going back time killing DeWitt/Comstock does only one thing: to create a new universe where DeWitt/Comstock died during baptism. The DeWitts and Comstocks still live in their original universes. In multiverse time travel...
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    Bioshock Infinite: Favorite weapon

    Sniper Rifle. Super powerful both at shot and long range. The only draw back is the magazine size.
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    SimCity debacle shows what a pathetic state gaming journalism is in

    Maxis Insider Tells RPS: SimCity Servers Not Necessary It took an "insider" for gaming sites to report something...
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    The Bell Tolls For the Twinkie - UPDATED

    I totally agree with your first half. Bakers are the makers. Management and the capital are the takers: they take what bakers make. Now the makers want a little bit more of what they make, and they get scolded? Traditional unions are outdated: because back in the days there was not a force...
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    The Bell Tolls For the Twinkie - UPDATED

    Too many union-bashing people here ignore one key ingredient in this case: venture capital firms like Bain. Since Hostess last bankruptcy debacle, it has been under control of venture capital firms, who have NO EXPERIENCE in making confectionery. Their entire purpose is to laden the companies...
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    Gabe Newell thinks Windows 8 will be a catastrophe?

    Everyone is following Apple's suit: be as closed as possible. Basically Apple is ruining / has ruined the PC industry, just like COD is ruining / has ruined the gaming industry.
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    A Canon ME3 Ending?

    Control is paragon and destroy is renegade. Because if you choose destroy, there won't be reapers around to help you rebuild.
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    Moments in gaming that made you say "damn I feel good"

    Pretty much every "Heroic Victory" in Rome Total War