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    Battle of Languages

    Oh yea, forgot to mention mine. I would definitely want to be able to master French (Ive done it before but, never got round to getting good at it).
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    Battle of Languages

    Hi escapists! Its been a while since Ive partaken in a forum discussion and this has been the topic of my discussion with my friends recently: "If you had a choice of any language that you could instantly learn (Speak and write fluently), what would it be? (Oh and dragon tongue does not...
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    What restores your faith in humanity?

    Adam Jensen? But really, I have not lost my faith in humanity yet. Not all people are bad.
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    your personal philosophy?

    Well, "Just be content" To me life doesnt really last too long so, might as well be happy with how you live it.
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    Slavery: The Game "Become The Most Powerful Slavetrader"

    The game is original I give it that but, this would just be like somebody creating a rpg game where you play Hitler and have to wipe out the Hungarian-Jewish population...
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    Poll: Which do you prefer, MW3 or BF3?

    Agreeing with this. However, I looked at the survival preview and multiplayer, MW3 has made the game little more fast paced, forcing players to "confirm kills" making them walk over bodies, and even making players get streaks by 'points' instead of kills meaning playing more to the objective...
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    Fanservice for Women

    As mentioned above, game development is a business and people only make what sells best. Companies that make the big titles therefore take less risks and create game that appeal to the larger audience. Games do not neccesarily have to includy "manly" heroes in order to be good, it only...
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    So how is Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    Deus ex:HR is the first Deus ex game Ive ever played. Therefore, I judge it by a game itself, and damn it is one fine game.
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    The most exercise you've ever done

    Over a stretch of time: 1 year in the army (lots of shit... and still on going) Recently: 12km run ( with a 14,16 and 21 coming up)
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    What do you do when you get bored?

    Hmm.. Haha, nice list you got going there. One thing I have spent alot of my free time doing lately has been watching youtube videos in bulk amounts, then again, who doesn't?
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    I think I found the problem with game protagonists

    Well, FFX did alright with this. The only problem was that your character's name (Default at Tidus) was never pronounced. That is because that was the only customisable character name. I didn't really notice this till a boss fight @ Gagazet where Seymour kept on saying "Son of Jecht.... Son of...
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    If you had unlimited money?

    I would give it to Blizzard except that my sum would probably not matter (due to their insane amount from WoW subs). Hmm, most likely Valve...
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    If you could buy a lifetime subscription to a gaming company.

    Bioware, definitely. Right after would be blizzard or Valve
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    Your Favorite Game Franchise That Is Not Considered Very Popular

    Men Of War: Assault Squad. LOVED that game so much!! My only hassle with MOW:AS was the fact that planes weren't included (granted, I can't see how planes could be included, besides those airstrikes).
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    Well, I'm never doing that again.

    Bringing down a chopper with a stray rpg on BFBC:2. Reaction was absolutely hilarious, it was 20 seconds into a rush round :)