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    Miyamoto Thinks PS Vita Needs More Games

    Wow....brilliant insight and newsworthy. New system needs more games...No wonder Miyamoto makes the big bucks...his revelation is so.....obvious.
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    XCom: Enemy Unknown Designer Hopes to "Honor" the Original

    Sorry, but this game has been in development so long, and back to the drawing board more than once, I have no faith that it will hold up to the original. The only thing it has in common is in name only. I'm afraid it's just gonna suck.
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    Alan Wake Rockets Into the Black

    Alan Wake is one of the most underrated games in all of the Xbox arsenal. I'm happy to hear that Steam brought Alan back to the forefront. Here's hoping that MS may take a second, serious look at this property and maybe bring us a bonafied sequel. One of my all time faves on my console.
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    Rumor: Wii U CPU Twice as Beefy As Xbox 360

    I don't care if it 3x better than a 360, if developers continue to make 85% shovelware crap for the system, I'm still not getting it. Other than the small, very small, catalog of AAA titles for the Wii, I'm very disapointed in it after owning one for almost three years now.
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    Comic-Con Loses Hollywood Support

    No kidding. I used to go in the early part of the decade, and it was 'manageable'. The last time I went was 2007, and it was crazy overpacked. It wasn't even fun anymore, because the 'comics' aspected almost took a back seat to video games and Hollywood studios. If Hollywood skips out...
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    E3: Xcom

    To any and/or all developers: When you think about getting your hands on a cult classic game, in this case, X-Com. why do you always feel the need to put your own spin and re-interpretation on classic game mechanics. The original X-Com was a legendary hit, and for close to 15 years...
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    Rockstar Pass Gives L.A. Noire DLC Discount

    So the Gamestop exclusives....weren't that exclusive afterall...if exclusivity means 2 weeks these days. Got the Badge challenge and Naked City case already :(
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    New Book Claims Soviets Orchestrated Roswell UFO Scare

    Wow, only 2 weeks late on reporting this one. Old news.
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    Team Bondi Says Ladies Will Love LA Noire

    I concur. Since I've gotten Noire, my own wife, who is generally more into Bejewled, FarmVille and other FB games is taking an active roll in my investigations. She'll often now say: "He's lying" or she'll piece and string together her own theories on how a crime went down. She's even...
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    Admit you were wrong about something.

    I didn't understand why so many people first hated Jar-Jar Binks. He didn't bother me at
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    New Nintendo Console "Confirmed" for E3

    Well, I was one of the suckers who 'just had to have a Wii' not really realizing that despite what Nintendo claims as being for the casual gamer or all ages, I shortly discovered why Wii now collects dust in my house: Shovelware. I know all consoles have some level of 'crap' put out by...
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    301: Strapped for Cash

    Unless it's a game I just 'HAVE' to have, I've been fairly consistent as of late of waiting many months for the price to drop. A few things I've noted by waiting: 1) I always check Amazon 'Deal of the Day' under video games. A little luck will grab you a fairly new game for $39.99 if I...
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    Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern Costume Officially Retconned

    I can't get past the toes. While better than the original...the toes are still killing it for me.
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    PETA Wants Michael Vick Dropped From Madden NFL Cover Vote

    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but for the first time ever, I'll take PETA's side. Vick may have been given another chance by the NFL, but what he did and was a part of...I haven't forgotten.
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    Commander Shepard Meets My Little Pony in Pony Effect 2

    I so want to play these now. And the next time we all go to Target and happen down the toy section lloking for a new Transformer or SW action figure, you know damn well we're all gonna do a double take and quick detour at the My Little Pony section.