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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    I apologize for my lack of activity and communication over the last few months. There were a few things stopping me from updating (Computer changes, file transfer, save issues, etc.) but I do have a few a leftover updates that I found on my hard drive that I can post in a bit. Bear with me here...
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    Dragon's Dogma Demo Hands-On

    Really short demo, but the griffon fight was very fun, and it could be done a few ways which is nice.
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    I shall now say unkind things about Dark Souls.

    Capra Demon is just kind of a shitty and cheap boss fight your first time around. Poor camera angles, right at the start you get stunlocked by those dogs, and you have to do something very specific and unintuitive to get the upper hand. If you run back from Firelink and just keep going at it...
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    Update: Reddit Suicide Lawsuit Is a Hoax

    I agree completely with this. Honestly, Reddit is a terrible site, filled for the most part with terrible people. There are little small communities that aren't too bad, but the biggest subreddits are just really terrible when it comes to stuff like this, and the upvote system does not help this...
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    Dark Souls PC port to use GFWL

    Valve kind of linked PSN with Steam for Portal 2, but they never really did anything else with it. It had a friends system and cross platform play, but I'm not really sure if they didn't just do that to show that they can. Not to mention, Portal 2's Steam compatibility was something setup by...
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    Dark Souls PC port to use GFWL

    GFWL is certainly annoying, but I'll still definitely be picking it up on PC. The new content looks rad, even if it might end up as DLC on consoles anyway. Think you guys are overreacting a bit honestly, certainly GFWL is a nuisance, but I don't think it should be a deal breaker. It's a lot...
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    Dark souls Vs. Skyrim

    Dark Souls, mostly because of it's relatively focused, Metroidvania styled world. Certainly isn't nearly as big as Skyrim, but each area is unique with its own particular quirks and enemies. While it's better than Oblivion in that regard, the dungeons in Skyrim get repetitive after awhile due to...
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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    So things didn't go the way I planned and I didn't get enough work done on the LP, and I'm getting really busy again, so I'm going to have to go on a bit of a hiatus as far as updating goes. I still have a few updates left in my backlog, but after that there won't be anything for awhile. Sorry...
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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    Another update with a metric ton of dialogue. The Servant
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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    I know I've slowed may rate of updating, mostly due to being busy, but now that I have a bit of a break this week, I can get some work done. It doesn't help like I've lost the desire to play video games at all lately. After Mass Effect 3 came and went, I just kinda stopped. Not that ME3 had...
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    Do you dislike JRPGs? (Flamewars unwelcome)

    I don't play too many JRPG's but there are a few game in the genre that I really like. The Tales games are, for the most part, really good and actually are really fun to play. They play more like a Fighting game rather than an RPG. Vesperia would be my favorite, but I have yet to pick up Graces...
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    Games you want to like but just can't

    Both of the Souls games have caused me so much frustration in the past, but I still love them. On-topic: BioShock 1&2. I liked the story just about until the point right after you meet Andrew Ryan. It should have ended there, because the rest of the game was pretty awful, story wise and...
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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    Dead Money
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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    This is an extremely short update, it's just the opening narration and the first, rather long conversation with Elijah. I'll have a separate update with just the opening. Welcome to the Sierra MadreWhat did you think of Dead Money's opening? The slideshow is mostly what I'm referring to, but...
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    Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas [The Servant]

    Yeah, I'm going to try to keep everyone alive. Though, I've never had a playthrough where I've managed to avoid killing Dean somehow or another.