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    Nintendo, Team Ninja Collaborate on Metroid: Other M

    Here let me put it in another way for ya: Which is going to be worse: A more "mature" Metroid game for the Wii where God for Bid PROGRESS is made or... A MG game with Raiden as the lead character? Seriously even though I currently DON'T own a Wii I think I'd be ecstatic about a...
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    OK I admit it ahead of time: Part of the reason for this review was due to Yahtzee's rant on "Point and Click" Adventure games and oddly I think he limited himself in that rant so I decided to whip out a game that if you never heard of it before now I'm not surprised because of how odd its...
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    The Guardian Legend

    The year is 1988 and Nintendo and Sega were in competition with each other between the Sega Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Sega had Alex Kidd and the first Phantasy Star game and Nintendo had Mario, Link and Samus as their primary games and mascots. Nintendo's "Grey...
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    Boom Boom Rocket(XBOX Live Arcade)

    You know that a game company is desperate to expose you to games that are on a service you don't have when you find a compilation disc in a store and its around $5 USD. Nothing makes this more clear than the "Dance Dance Revolution" meets fireworks rythm game called "Boom Boom Rocket" Now I...
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    Is there a reason behind unskipable cinematics?

    I think so far the only game I've had issues with the cutscene length so far is the new Star Ocean game and even then I go get a snack and wait for the bloody thing to end...either that or I have the patience to watch it. Seriously speaking if you skip all the cutscenes then you miss some of...
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    Meg Man X Collection(PS2)

    OK let's set this straight from the jump: X in this case does NOT mean 10, but what it does mean is that a newer version of Mega Man and Capcom going back to the back breaking, manhood stealing, difficulty that made Mega Man what it was when it first showed up on NES in the early to mid 80s...
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    Mega Man Anniversary Collection(PS2)

    This is the second of three reviews for the day(You lucky people) and this particular review deals with one of my favorite game series' and a compilation that came out a few years back for the PS2 and XBOX called "Mega Man Anniversary Collection"! How many of us remember the first time we saw...
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    Peggle: Dual Shot

    I know, I know. Yahtzee reviewed "Peggle" for the PC back in 2007 for "The Escapist" and it was the PC version...thing is two years have passed and now we have a DS version with newer features! Peggle: Dual Shot, or as I will refer to it from this point forward "Peggle DS", is the first...
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    Zero Punctuation: House of the Dead: Overkill

    Maybe its just me, but the reviews have gotten less and less funny and when I have to read the blurbs at the end of his reviews to get a chuckle then you know your time is almost up but maybe that's just me
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    UPDATE: Microsoft Disallows Public Lesbians on Xbox Live

    First off if we were going to use a slur against a lesbian the proper term is "dyke" but its not acceptable and should NEVER be used You know when someone is "flaunting" their sexuality? When a person of your gender actually physically comes up and feels up your ass in a bathroom. THAT'S...
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    Microsoft Apologizes to Gay Gamers, Considers Solutions

    Alrighty here's my take on this issue: I'm reminded some years ago about a T-shirt that said "Censorship is UNAmerican" with a picture of a person's hand covering another person's mouth and I felt that it applies here. Why? First off for some people it takes a lot of guts to come out and...
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    Zero Punctuation: Skate 2

    I got the intro the second time I watched it through. Now for the review: It was hard for me to get into this review and I dunno why. It seems to me that Yahtzee is mellowing out somewhat and possibly jumped the shark with his Farcry 2 review which was so funny I almost choked on my own...
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    Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 2

    After having watched all the reviews from the past(Youtube included) I have to say this was arguably the funniest one I've seen yet! Now I'm by no means a PC gamer or even a PS3 owner but my GOD that was funny! He changed his voice so many times that I had a hard time understanding him on a...
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    Game remake wishes

    The Guardian Legend(Yes I'm stuck on that game) Abadox Faxanadu the NES Ninja Gaiden games and I'll take a remake of Final Fantasy...VIII as well please!
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    Hello my name is Joshua Curtis and I'm a former Gamestop Customer

    OK that sounded odd but let me explain... I was tooling around on these forums like I have been lately and chiming in on some topics of interest when someone posted the link to the "Zero Imagination" video trilogy and I have to say it caught my interest. I knew that the trade in thing that...