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    8 of the Best Shooters From The Past 10 Years

    My reaction as well. ... but I fear it ain't.
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    LoadingReadyRun: iOS 8

    I love it that LRR take any chance to make up for the "Men of LRR" calendar that was a--sadly not met--Kickstarter stretch goal.
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    Tusk Review: Kevin Smith's Latest Doesn't Quite Hit the Mark

    Aww, dammit, this reviews probably means we won't see an Escape to the Movies on this film. Could've been good. But then again, we might not need another of Bob's videos to slam Smith. ;)
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    Microsoft Bought Minecraft for How Much?

    I didn't even think of that. Lay-offs followed by a purchase of this magnitude has more than just a stench of "are you fucking kidding me?" on it. What would be more interesting is the Minecraft deal compared to other acquisitions by MS. How does it compare to Nokia's phone division or Skype...
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    Doctor Who Review: This Is The Show At Its Best

    I don't know whether it's Capaldi, who I still don't like that much, or that I'm so fed up with Moffat-era Who by now that I just don't see [or want to acknowledge] the brilliance in this episode everyone else does. It certainly has to do with the fact that the "Clara is the monster under the...
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    Unskippable: Pandora's Tower - Are We Sure This Isn't Resident Evil?

    Paul, you disgust me. Wiggling those tentacle things... ugh!
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    Zero Punctuation: Sacred 3 - Nothing Is Sacred

    Wow, the Whedon hate is strong in this one. And you guys got it wrong: Not Whedon is the problem; it's the imitators who hear his genuinely funny dialogue, try to reproduce it, and happen to match, at best, only half of its wittiness. Would you blame other hack-and-slashers/brawlers for Sacred...
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    The Escapist's Favorite Things About Doctor Who

    Best moments: 'The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances', 'The Girl in the Fireplace', 'Blink', and 'Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead' -- which, incidentally, are all Moffat-penned episodes. The gods only know why his showrunning of New Who is so... sub-par overall. The mentioned 'Midnight'...
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    Jimquisition: Corrupt, Censoring, Suicidal Indie Devs

    You got a point there, certainly. It's why I don't really like Jim's "Best of Greenlight" series. On the other hand, this whole thing is about a trailer for a game. Trailers are being made as promotional material to be used by third parties to talk about [and, ideally, advertise] the product...
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    Feed Dump: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

    Kathleen, FWIW, I had kind of the same reaction. I just didn't grow up with Skeletor in my life.
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    Uncivil War: Watch Dogs - The Car-Clothing Coordination Carnage Contest!

    This was stupid. And fun. Stupid fun. Yeah, I can dig that. If not eagerly, still awaiting more.
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    Feed Dump: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

    The stinger reaction to Tally's "shit happens" is the only possible first reaction to it. I reacted 1:1 like that. Oh, that's absolutely genius!
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    This War of Mine: War As A Marathon

    I am still very sceptical about this game. After all, 11 Bit's only other project is the Anomaly series whose tone is not that far from Modern Warfare and the likes. [Albeit, somewhat more light-hearted.] Still, if they manage to do what they say they want to, this game will become important.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Fitting End

    NO! First they kill off the probably sanest person on Mad Men, and now Rhymedown Spectacular is no more, as well. I is sad. :o(