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    Halo 5 Will Have "New Epic Multiplayer Experience" - 343 Industries

    Absolutely this, 343 did a far greater job in writing and character work in 4 than Bungie ever did. (Except from the QTE ending, fucking hell 343 what were you thinking.)
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    Martin Freeman Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe In Civil War

    Well he has pretty poor political views, sounds like a good addition! lolololololol0lol0lol11!!oneone!11
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    Destiny's Grand-Scale Comet Expansion Could Land In 2015

    "And here's all the content that was in the game beforehand!" Yep.
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    Sony Offers Tips to PS4 Players Having Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Woes

    "Don't worry everyone, if you throttled your download cap then tough shit! You'll just have to throttle it again! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Yep, golden age of uncompressed gaming. (Here's looking at you, filthy 20gb day one patch, for Halo MCC.) I am fortunate enough to have excellent download...
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    Nintendo May Remove Region-Lock Restrictions in the Future

    "One day, we hope we'll make consoles that aren't a generation behind too. We're a bit slow."
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    Breastfeeding in Public

    Taking a shit is also natural but I don't drop one in the middle of the street or on a train do I? If they cover up, then I'm all for it. However not covering up does irritate me slightly and would prefer they did it somewhere more discrete. Yes, it's a natural thing and it's not like I...
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    Bungie: Destiny Expansions Still Aren't Finished

    They didn't finish making the game itself any good anyway sooooooo yeah.
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    Techland Stepped Away from Dead Island Due to Creative Differences

    Delete this please, cause the website is buggy, my post appeared twice.
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    Techland Stepped Away from Dead Island Due to Creative Differences

    Does this mean Dead Island 2 *might* actually have a slight level of quality to it? And be made by people who actually know how to make a game?
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    No Plans for Iron Man 4 Says Robert Downey Jr

    Works for me, the films sucked! Cameos etc could be fine and as a character he's awesome but yeah...dem movies.
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    Violinist Returns to Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time Cover

    Oh hey, it's that Lindsey Stirling clone again, proving again how totally original she is!
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    Poll: Spoilers: Walking Dead Season 2 - Your Clementine

    I knew Jane was lying so I let Kenny kill her, and then I shot him because he just couldn't take anymore.
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    Finally, You Can Play Saints Row 4 On the PS4 and Xbox One

    So uh, how are those totally new games coming along huh? Oh right.
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    Is this for real?

    I'm amazed they didn't shoot him straight away, because 'mericuh. Not for one second did any of them make the instant observation "Wow there's actually nothing going on here apart from some kid playing a video game. Given we've already raided the place and arrested his friend next door who...
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    Expendables' Ronda Rousey Talks Pokemon, Goku vs. Superman

    Superman and Captain Marvel can lift a book containing infinite weight (every incarnation of Superman can lift infinity.) Then there's a monkey who can get 4 times stronger. Also this: PS: I hate seeing...