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    Zero Punctuation: Unavowed

    Hearing Yahtzee talk about this brings back memories of playing 5 Days a Stranger. Honestly, even after all this time, I wouldn't say no to an "8 Days a _____" game.
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    Sony Launches World's Fastest Personal Internet in Japan

    Haha. I'd love to see our (Australia's) right-wing government try to convince Japan to settle for FTTN instead. "25mbps! And, let's be honest, that's all people are ever going to need, isn't it?" They'd be laughed out of the country.
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    Civilization V Gets Diplomatic With Brave New World Expansion

    Obligatory cheery reminder to Firaxis that Australia is also a civilization, even if we tend to spell it with a "s", as per the UK standard, and that we're more or less totally ok with being represented by whoever they want, as I think I speak for all Australians when I say that not one single...
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    Splinter Cell Producer Calls Conviction a "Rescue Job"

    Bonus points/tech/cash/whatever for cleaning an area out without kills? Otherwise, one of the main things I loved about games like Chaos Theory was spending 10-15 minutes taking note of all the enemies' positions and planning my attack, then executing it, letting it all unfold without a hitch...
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    Build a House, Raise a Family in New Skyrim DLC Hearthfire

    Considering I was expecting larger expansions for Skyrim DLC, the scale of this feels a little disappointing. Although, I figure this must have been a product of the Bethesda Game Jam [] that the lead...
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    Sony Announces Two New IPs

    Well, I'm sold. Hey, what can I say? I'm a sucker for Debussy. So sue me.
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    Rayman Legends Trailer Introduces Axe-Wielding New Character

    Pretty much my reaction. Still, as long as they don't start adding ugly rabbit-like creatures again, I'll probably continue to buy good Rayman games.
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    Escape to the Movies: Total Recall

    Futuristic Australia? In the midst of civil war?! Sorry Bob, undomesticated equines could not stop me from watching this movie.
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    Beta Testers Extract PlayStation All-Stars Roster

    Really? Bioshock: Infinite? I mean, Bioshock's great and all, but I thought this was supposed to be exclusive Sony stuff. Also, I have a massive hankerin' to play some good ol' Ape Escape right 'bout now, but I just don't have any...
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    Thomas Janes Returns to The Punisher

    You know, I checked out Tom Jane's Punisher not long ago for the first time. I read up on the critiques beforehand, so didn't expect much, but I came away wondering what why they hated it so much. Seemed pretty good to me. Not exactly academy award material, but very watchable. I think the...
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    "Gaming Community" Connected to Pipe Bomb Attack

    So where's the game that teaches you how to create simple homemade explosives, pick completely random members of the public's windows to launch them through and convince your totally and completely sane friends and family to help you do it? Sounds like a blast, I hope it's in the Steam Sale.
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    Ex-BioShock Team's New Game a Logical Mystery

    I'm getting more of a Crimson Room vibe than Dear Esther, which I loved, so I'll keep an eye on this.
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    The Walking Dead Getting Another Game Adaptation

    A game based on the Walking Dead show? Featuring Daryl as a main character?! Awesome! I approve of th... ...oh wait, never mind.
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    PlayStation 3 Gets its First Region-Locked Game

    How peculiar. There has to be a reason for this other than "we just want more money"; I mean, they must realise that the only way their more isolated customers can acquire their games is by importing, and even if that means they have to buy it online, it's still a sale. I'm thinking there has to...
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    The French Create Realistic Trench Warfare Sim

    Despite being barely a blip in the radar for most of the big players in the Great War, WWI was such a defining moment for Australia, it's a shame you can only play as German and French. I mean, it's a French game, so fair enough that the focus would be on the French soldiers, but still, a bit...