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    Poll: Would you pay $250 to pay for a proper military burial for someone you do not know?

    The damage is already done. There was no peace of mind for their families, they didn't get to come home, whether in a chair or in a box. Giving them a proper burial is not for them anymore, it's for us. We can know that we gave the proper respect and care to those who gave everything. It doesn't...
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    Best single mission in a game

    Half-life 2's Ravenholm is a fantastically atmospheric bit in the middle with a completely different pace from the rest of the game. I've also come to the conclusion that I can never be friends with anyone who doesn't think the Winter chapter of The Last of Us is amazing.
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    Conspiracy theories you agree with

    I tend to prescribe to Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice what can be adequately be explained by stupidity. So many conspiracies tend to work on the assumption that everyone involved is some kind of blend of Sauron and Hitler. In the meantime, I present for your reading pleasure, a few...
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    fizsics: how does superman fly?

    I don't like this answer. Sounds painful. Can't Wonder Woman's sword cut him magically? Maybe she's his barber.
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    Poll: Steam only gamers?

    I have so many games I bought for various sales on Steam that I have never played and don't have any immediate plans to play. If only awesome games would stop popping up so I could catch up.
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    What is your biggest gaming weakness?

    Looking at a few of my favorite games, I'm noticing a trend which wasn't common enough until just recently for me to actually see: Half-Life 2 Bioshock Infinite The Last of Us A constant, likeable companion that you don't have to worry about in combat can really brighten a game right up...
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    What game settings would you NOT want to live in?

    Literally any video game world would be a bad deal for me. I would be one of the many, many people to die in the backstory, one more statistical tick on the impressively large numbers of casualties they throw at you to set the stakes. Maybe if I'm lucky I'd be one of the hordes of foes mowed...
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    Poll: Do you think there could ever be a zombie apocalypse?

    Am I late? In the interest of not killing all the fun, I too have a Cracked article.
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    Good Endings that You Didn't Like

    They were standing next to it, not lying down. Although you did make me go back and watch the youtube video. Two are on one side of your bed, three on the other.
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    Silly Features You Appreciate In Games

    Yeah, that bit in tLoU was pretty cool. It's just more natural than the usual method of having your guy kneel next to a wall waiting for his next victim while your escortee just stands awkwardly to the side picking their nose. Also a fan of jumping for no reason and seeing yourself, but those...
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    Good Endings that You Didn't Like

    God, no. You're saying that. OT: I'm more likely to like an unloved game ending than hate a well liked one. I guess I'm just easily pleased. I had no problem with Mass Effect 3, Bioshock and I actually really liked the ending of The Last of Us.
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    Bethesda Explains Missing Multiplayer in Wolfenstein: New Order

    I like it. Singleplayer so often feels like an afterthought, and I'm not a huge fan of a lot of multiplayer. I never finished the last Call of Duty and I long since stopped caring about the multiplayer, so it should be nice to see a game where singleplayer is the focus.
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    A Possessed Chaos Space Marine replaces the protagonist in the last game you played

    It would be a bit more difficult to build my floating sky-city in Minecraft, I imagine.
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    What is your gamer stereotype breaking hobby?

    I used to enjoy running and lifting, not so much as hobby anymore since I have to for my job.
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    What Do You Name Your RPG Characters?

    Anezay. It's my name in pig latin, altough sometimes I like to do some kind of lame joke, like in Mass Effect giving Shepard the first name "Commander".