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    What if the last Two Games you played share the same Universe?

    Interstellaria + Fallout: New Vegas The Brotherhood of Steel would have a techgasm all over those human starships.
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    So how is the gay marriage ruling going to impact you?

    Well, my best friend can now get married. I'd say that that's a cause for celebration.
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    I'd utilize the ship and the incredible power it contains to (somehow) force an era of cooperation between various world governments (perhaps the threat of utterly destroying the entirety of Earth's satellite network would make them change their tune). While the dust settles on Earth, the...
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and all things there-of.

    Is this game worth it? I'm not a huge DBZ fan (well, haven't been since I was, what, ten?), but this game looks pretty sweet. Is it worth the fifty bucks?
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    Should we have some kind of "moral standards" orginization in video games?

    They tried that already, back when comic books were the public's moral whipping boy. What do you think the Comics Code Authority was all about? Let me ask you something, friends: do you REALLY want a future in which the AAA industry is basically mass producing platformers about Archie Andrews...
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    The Voice of This Generation: Kanye West is Making a Video Game

    You know that image out there, with the two vikings leaning on each other laughing their asses off? That's about how I feel, right now. Okay, maybe not quite. I admit, I do think it's kind of touching that he's planning to make a game in dedication to his mother. I mean, come one, that's a...
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    Your thoughts on, "Well if you have nothing to hide..."

    No offense, bro, but you now utterly terrify me. The good news is, this means I'm going to be very nice to you, on the off-chance that you ARE a sociopathic murderer who's just messing with peoples's heads.
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    Who's Your "Spirit Villain"? ... Of course. Of course I get the hedonistic torture aliens. Goddamn, why can't I ever get a cool villain?
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    Zero Punctuation: Elite: Dangerous - Space Truckin'

    Good move. I like it, to a degree, but then again I spent the first twenty hours flying what was essentially a minivan with jet engines shoved in the back. I'd like it if the combat was more accessible.
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    Best conspiracy theory.....

    The "Moon Landing was a Hoax" idiots, just because it's incredibly satisfying to see Buzz Aldrin punch them in the face.
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    So. Torture.

    Well, let me pose a hypothetical to YOU, in turn: your mother has lung cancer, real bad lung cancer, and you've come to the conclusion that the only way to save her is to grind up kittens and force-feed her their grisly remains. A few notes: 1. This is guaranteed to work. I'm super cereal...
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    Dragon Age Inquistion players: How do you feel Bioware handled Dorian?s sexual orientation?

    I liked Dorian. He's a good fella born into some truly terrible circumstances, and my Inquisitor did his best to help him out when he could. People can complain all they want, I really don't mind too many of the characters in Inquisition- hell, I can even stand Sera, even if it's mainly for the...
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    Poll: Are games reaching their pinnacle?

    Well, let me ask you a question: has literature reached its pinnacle? What about painting? Theater? No? Neither have games, because I honestly don't consider it to be possible. Now, just to make sure we're on the same page, here, my definition of "pinnacle" is "perfection": as in, "We have...
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    ME!ME!ME! (NSFW)

    Video doesn't seem to work for me. Don't know why.
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    Star Wars' "Black Stormtrooper" to Critics: "Get Used to it"

    Jesus, what kind of brungus actually complains about a stormtrooper's race? Fuck those people. Furthermore, this movie takes place several decades after Episode 6. In the non-canon stuff, at least, the Empire had realized some of its shortcomings, and had actually started to try and address...