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    The Big Picture: It Seems Today ...

    I FUCKING LOVE BOB'S BURGERS Also I have to agree with you. I still like Family Guy and still enjoy the new episodes. the only reason I got somewhat burned out on older Family Guy is because I usually sleep with my tv tuned into Adult Swim and Adult Swim has a bad habit of play a series...
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    Godzilla Looks Grumpy In First Official Image

    As someone who grew up obsessed with Godzilla I can say that this image makes me cautiously optimistic. Of course I remember being 8 and utterly pissed off at the 98 American "Godzilla". But My inner child is giddy about the prospect of a Kaiju resurgence in popular culture.
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    Pacific Rim Beaten by Adam Sandler at Box Office

    Pacific Rim being beat by Grown Ups 2 proves that American deserves to be attacked by Kaiju. For me Pacific Rim is the movie I've wanted to see since I was 6 years old. I don't believe that a movie can be truly perfect but dammit Rim comes shockingly close. To have this masterpiece beaten out by...
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    Oldboy Remake - Trailer and thoughts

    I Don't think so, I bet the girl on the TV ends up being a red herring and is not his real daughter.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Because I Could Not Stop For Loading Times

    Goddamn Yahtzee you made a poem that is the Mario equivalent of the video for Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt.
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    No Right Answer: Best Comic Book Universe Ever

    I'd have to go with the DC Universe, I just have a much easier time fallowing it. Even when I miss a few months of books I can usually get caught up really quick. On the other hand with few exceptions (Punisher Max, Marvel Zombies, Deadpool) I have a real hard time with Marvel.
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    The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

    Not a bad list, and I can honestly see a streamlined Harry Potter getting me into the series. I'd love to see reboots of: The Mask: but more in tone with the comic series, being more akin to Nightmare on Elm Street then the pseudo family friendly films we got. Pokemon TV series: I know...
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    Dragon's Crown Designer Apologizes for Exaggerated Characters

    My God.....that beard. I really don't think he should apologize. Her design while clearly over the top in terms of proportions does seem to fit the stylized high fantasy vibe they seem to be going for.
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    In an American context yes the word **** is a sexist slang. Its a term meant to shame a women for her genital at least that's my understanding of the term. Having said that as an American I call my younger brother a filthy **** all the time.
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

    My God that was epic, please tell me this is getting more installments.
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    Evil Dead Producer Confirms Army of Darkness 2

    This is not a bad idea. Army of Darkness moved away from the horror of the first two Evil Dead in favor of a more Action/Fantasy/Comedy vibe. Now with the Evil Dead (sorta remake) bring the horror back. I don't think its a bad idea to have 2 series set in this universe. The Evil Dead flicks with...
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    Unclassified Bacterial Life Found in Antarctic Lake

    Well that Thing reference didn't take long.
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    Suda51's Latest Title Will Love You And Kill You

    This is exactly what I needed after the news/rumor the EA is killing the Dead Space series. Which made me just think of something: Suda51's most successful game to date is Lollipop Chainsaw. Lollipop Chainsaw sold somewhere around 700,000 units (which is NOT a lot in terms of video game sale)...
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    The Big Picture: Enough With The Batman Already!

    I kinda have to agree with you. Batman Arkham Asylum (the game, not Morrisons Batman in Wonderland book )got me back into American cape books.You see I had just come out of a weird Manga and Jhonen Vasquez obsession and I was looking for something new. And it just so happens that the day I beat...
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    North Korea Blasts US With 'We Are The World' Missiles

    When a country can't even pull off realist special effects I kinda stop fearing them as credible threat to world safety, or at least I wound have if I hadn't realized years ago that that nation has been run by a series of phenomenal morons for the better part of at least the last half century...