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    Any good (opposite of evil) necromancers in fiction?

    What about Aragon son of Arathorn from Lord of the Rings? He lead a zombie army of invincible ghosts in the third film. I'm pretty sure that makes him a necromancer. Does Ebenezer Scrooge count since he went through a redemption arc during a Christmas Carrol? He was able to conjur the spirits...
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    The Mass Effect: Andromeda EA/Origin Access Will Limit Your Access to the Campaign

    Aye, for that matter I didn't know what "Ea/Origin Access" was and the article just looked like a fumblely title saying that those with Origin accounts won't be able to finish the game. Which sounded confusing for why'd they do that. As for the Multiplayer thing and sending in AI teams. It...
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    Pokemon Go Eevee Naming Trick Also Works for Espeon and Umbreon

    These were the names of the 3 Eevee Brothers from the first season of the Pokemon Anime. I recall this fact because Rainer is a terrible name.
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    Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Witcher-Like Meaningful Side Quests

    You know guys, Bioware ain't trying to reach the bar of Witcher 3. They're trying to go for the first Witcher's standard of sidequests.
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    Adventure Time Miniseries Reveals What Happened to The Humans

    Impressions of this article. Wait, there's a gonna mini-series? There's gonna be a reveal in this mini-series? Well way to spoil the suprise. I really gotta stop reading headlines on Escapist articles.
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon Allows You to "Hyper Train" Level 100 Pokemon

    But if all Pokemon have the same, perfect IV's then that means that all be the same. What's to separate my Rattatat, whom I hypothetically raised from a cub, from someone else'd Rattatat? IV's were what made your Rattatat special. I don't want to live in a world filled with NaZi uber-Rattatats.
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    Battlefront's Campaign Was Cut so it Could Launch With Episode VII

    But Pandemic's Battlefront games were released to coincide major Star Wars events. The first one mimicked a specific edition of the original trilogy on DVD, while Battlefront 2 came out the same time as Revenge of the Sith. It just wouldn't be a Battlefront game if it weren't rushed to meet...
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    Ghostbusters Director Calls Out "Assholes in Geek Culture"

    edit: Removed post to prevent myself from being reported for potentially inflamitory remark
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    Trigun - Love and Peace!

    Isn't the fact that Vash the Stampede is the main character a major spoiler? There is no way that goofball could possibly be the Human Typhoon, Milly said so herself.
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    New NES Game Asks You to Shoot Yourself (With a Zapper)

    It's not really a First Person Shooter unless you're shooting yourself
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    What if Stats in RPG's also had negative effects?

    Stats with negative side effects? What about Strength in Fable: The Lost Chapters. If your strength is too high you won't be able to kick a chicken into the center square and earn the maximum amount of points for the chicken kicking contest I'm pretty sure a high wisdom stat could be balanced...
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    The Schwartz Awakens as Mel Brooks Reveals Spaceballs 2 Plans

    Mel Brooks is still alive?
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    No Post-Credits "Stinger" For The Force Awakens

    Or you know, you could watch the credits to see what funny or oddly appropiate names are in there. Somewhere in the Hobbit, there is a guy named "Sword"
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    When The Sun Runs Out of Hydrogen, The Earth Will Be Toast

    I hope it's buttered toast.
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    What's the best state in the US?

    Georgia. It's the only state with the balls to get invaded by Russia.