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    Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Removal of SimCity DRM

    I wonder if Maxis is in a position to sue EA for breach of contract on this... -- Steve
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    Exam Screw-Up Implies Giant Robots Took Part in the Russian Revolution

    Damned Combine; those Kurita just can't resist meddling, can they? -- Steve
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    Xbox 360 to Lose Twitter and Facebook Apps

    Never much used the Twitter app myself after the first couple of weeks, outside of one week when both my desktop and laptop had hardware failures; it was a very limited interface, and I'm not talking about typing with a controller here. (I have the "chatpad" accessory for stuff like that, which...
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    Angry Minnesotans Take 3D Printer Away From Gunmaker

    DD didn't think this through too well. The damned thing is untraceable; it's a perfect disposable weapon suited for criminals. However it's utterly useless for home defense or "militia" stuff. In a way I hope they do sue Stratasys, so DD's list of donors can be called for in discovery and...
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    [UPDATE] Ocean Marketing's Former Client Disowns Shady PR Firm

    And this, boys and girls, is why we don't do steroids; it makes you do things that would have half the Internet cheerfully tase you at your desk until your office smells like a hot-dog stand. Seriously, though, I've done a very slight bit of what Christoforo was supposed to be doing...
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    BioWare Shows Off Skills Trees and Weapon Mods for Mass Effect 3

    I don't get all the hand-wringing; despite (because of?) the differences between the first two games I loved 'em both, and I have had the pre-order for the third on my fridge door for a couple of months now. It's a great series, and I'm confident that the team will be able to deliver. -- Steve
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    Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Revealed

    The art book and DLC sold me, but what made it a must-buy for me was the soundtrack album. I love the Mass Effect soundtracks, and I spent something like $20 importing the ME1 soundtrack CD so as far as I'm concerned the rest is free stuff. But I love the art book and the card inserts, too...
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    Robotics Engineer Builds Pocket-Sized Portal Personality Cores

    I heartily endorse this product and/or service. -- Steve
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    Games that have aged incredibly well.

    Xcom (aka UFO) and Master of Orion (1 & 2) have aged very well... I still play MoO (thanks, GOG!) when I have a dull afternoon to kill. -- Steve
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    Osama Bin Laden Celebrations labelled "Disguisting"

    I didn't much care for it when Somalis under Mohammad Farrah Aidide celebrated over the corpses of American troops... I find I don't much care for Americans doing the equivalent, either. (Psst. They don't hate you for your freedoms, they hate you for your busted foreign policy...
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    Rumor: Hulu Plus for the Xbox Coming April 29

    Almost certainly not, the same way that Netflix didn't until separate agreements were negotiated in the other countries and the way that LastFM still isn't. Frankly, I'm not very hopeful that I'll ever see Hulu here in Canada. -- Steve
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    Rumor: Dark Knight Returns Slated for Animated Feature

    Actually, he's rather sharp. (Granted, that varies by writer and illustrator, but in the main he's intelligent and stylish.) Your opinion is demonstratably invalid. The '90s Batman: The Animated Series had moments of brilliant vividness... Kevin Conroy made a great Batman/Bruce Wayne, and of...
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    Alien Jihad's Devs Want To Generate Controversy

    Yea ghods, I can smell the desperation and phail of this "project" through the screen. Won't touch this with a lead-lined 10' pole, not because of the "controversial" nature but because that seems to be its only selling point. If they get a real statement on today's society (like, say, the...
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    Garry's Mod Pirates Get Stung

    There are people defending the piracy of a $10 copy of Gary's Mod because they personally didn't find it worth the price. Well, I didn't think it was worth $10 either*, so I didn't get it. That's the ethical way to do it. In this case piracy just says you're a cheapass. -- Steve * in...
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    Bungie Composer Says Leaving Halo Was "Kind of a Relief"

    I'm proud to say that I bought all the soundtracks of the Halo games, and they end up on my play lists a lot... thinking back, I wonder if I'd have become such a die-hard fan if it wasn't for Marty's (and Mike Salvatore's) music and sound design. It added so much to the games, and still...