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    The coolest apocalypse?

    Sony invasion :P
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    Chilean PS3 Ad Shows Gamer Giving Blood to Nazi Officer

    Giving life. well said.
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    Game song you wanted to sing along to.

    Still Alive (Portal & Mirror edge)
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    The Problem with Piracy...

    Games are luxury items, if you aint got the money,then dont play it. Play sports instead, its free... People also justify using the current economic downturn as a reason, but thats a weak reason. Its like "I steal the plasma TV because i do not have enough money to buy one...." come on, if...
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    Stolen Pixels #126: To the Bat-Shrink!

    LOL its not the DRM..
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    L4D2 Banned

    lol... great work
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    France Passes Tough New Law Against Internet Piracy

    Some government in the world does this too, its only a matter of time, not really a big deal
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    Game soundtracks.

    Heroes V Sound Track rocks
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    Fav Pizza/Toppings

    Ummmm no Dead dead dead dead i clearly said dead.
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    I need the cutest thing I could possibly do to win a girls heart.

    Awww more love sick birds out there. Just tell her what u think about her? Write down all the experiences that you had with her, how you enjoyed her company etc etc, make her feel important to you. Ya cute is subjective so if varies.
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    Have you ever met someone like this?

    Lucky bastard, you sure it was a girl? :P Nah, no one did
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    Poll: Would the defeat of Piracy cause you to start purchasing games?

    There are always official demos/videos and reviews.
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    Chinese Officials Prevent Suicide With Butter

    At least it solves the problem.
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    College Student Kills Intruder With a Sword

    The student was lucky, think of the possibility of him not armed with a sword. But by far the most sensible thing to do is to triple lock your doors/Windows. If the house was burgled before and is broken into again, there is some issues about the security of the dorm/house.
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    Review: Demon's Souls

    LOL.... what are you hinting.., Yea, but the Hi portion was epic