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    Take The Escapist Survey, Win Some Stuff

    You should take a look at question 3, alternatives 5,6 and 7. 5 and 6 are the same, while alternative 7 should probably have been moved further up. Question 14: "Fanshion". Question 15: "Delivary". Question 36: "do your regularly". I'll go away now :p Edit: Why is it that only US...
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    Now, YOU'RE thinking with portals.

    And yet it isn't. Absolutely brilliant game by the way, it's been quite a while since a game made laugh that much. As for potential usage of a portal gun: Either creating a everlasting supply of clean energy (imagine one portal at the bottom of a dam, the other one at the top) or using it to...
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    Noob Questions

    Zippy: Press "Comment" (written in white letters on blue background) at the bottom left of the article. Lance: I believe they are, yes.
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    Post Your Steam Usernames Here

    Name: Zephyrus Plays: DoD Source, CS Source Haven't bought the Orange Box yet, though I am considering it. It might be an idea to create a "The Escapist"-group?
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    New York Times: Most game-sale restricting laws get shut down

    Most of the legislators are probably very aware of the fact that this will never go through, and that it is a waste of both time and money. However, these same legislators are almost certainly aware of some other things as well. Gaming, and games, is still viewed with a large amount of...
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    Zero Punctuation: Psychonauts

    Sir, that was effin brilliant. Somehow The Escapist have gotten even better. May I ask who exactly it was that discovered you and brought you to international stardom?
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    Age of Conan Delayed

    It might not have been a bad decision development-wise, but the news wasn't exactly well received on the stock market. I guess the chart over last week's price development speaks for itself...
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    The Escapist Game Circle: Psychonauts

    I'll clarify a couple of things as to what you get from collecting the various items throughout the game. **There are no direct spoilers here, but if you prefer to discover for yourself what the items do you should stop reading.** Vaults: Perhaps the most interesting thing to "collect"...
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    Presidential Bids

    Ron Paul is one of the few politicians I respect, mostly due to his adherence to his principles, but I do not share "Mr. No"'s (his nickname, because he votes against nearly all bills in congress on the basis that they exceed the federal governments authority) views of a _very_ limited federal...
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    USC Develops the Redistricting Game

    Unfortunately, I doubt that this game (as with many other "educational games") will be very popular, with the exception of becoming used as an educational tool in schools of course. Though games like these can hopefully contribute to improve the general publics impression of video games...