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    Ubisoft Says Always-On DRM, "A Success"

    So. Are there any sales statistics relating to this? Is there a fall in sales? I certainly haven't bought the Settlers 7 because of Always-On DRM despite loving previous offerings from the franchise. Given that the majority of serious pirates aren't lost revenue as they wouldn't have bought what...
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    269: The Pasty White Person Is King

    So I tried out the Fable 3 villager creator and when I tried to make a villager of either gender I was presented with the option of 3 "black" faces. In fact of the 9 faces I had a choice between either time 3 were "White-British" 3 were "Black" and 3 were "White Other" to use the UK government...
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    Smile and Nod: RealID and Why Hate Speech is the Least of Our Worries

    So the basic point is: Blizzards RealID system would have made it harder for human failures who spend too much of their time in a fantasy world with no bearing whatsoever on reality to keep up their pathetic escapism and might have forced them to consider some important (if difficult) life...
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    What is your favourite Sci-Fi universe and why?

    The Culture, becuase I'd like to live there.
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    if you had the power of the internet for a week...

    Carefully and permanently dismantle it.
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    The Ultimate Question.

    No. Why on earth would I want to do that?
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    Authors you actually like.

    Neil Gaiman - Anansi Boys, American Gods, Good Omens (Co written with Terry Pratchett) Terry Pratchett - Discworld, Good Omens (Co written with Neil Gaiman) Dan Simmons - Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, The Rise of Endymion Phillip K Dick - Do Android dream of electric sheep...
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    Worlds Worst Excuses Florida man downloads child porn. Claims cat did it.
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    Your supervillain name...

    Dr Ishmael Microgravity.
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    A quick question about college/University.

    It is possible normally to attend one or two if you happen to have a friend on the course. Most lecturers will quite like it. The problem will actually be more getting into the right part of the right building at the right time rather than actually them minding.
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    What kind of people piss you off?

    Everyone, regardless of other issues.
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    The experience you still miss

    I desire to be Yogg-Sothoth. I'd settle for trained gibbon butlers.
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    The Battle Of The Sexes

    Men have Y-Chromasome DNA which does exactly the same thing as Mitochondrial DNA... but for men. Nor does it "allow you to track your ultimate mother". As far as we can tell we can trace our ancestry back to one of 7 Women and 4 Men. This in no way means that at some point in the past there were...
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    Fallout and Oblvion.