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    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review - Unapologetically 80s

    The game wasn't made by Crytek, it was an Ubisoft Montreal game. Crytek hasn't made a Far Cry game since the first one.
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    Your most epic moment in gaming!!

    star wars galaxies, 2 groups vs 2 groups in restuss pvp zone trying to take the multi-story building. so much shooting, healing, ressing, rushing and retreating. that battle took a full 30 mins. wow, server-first to down illidan, i was holy paladin and i practically carried the raid in the...
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    so i'm about to become homeless. help?

    hey, if you think that's an over reaction, i had a friend who was kicked out because he didnt wanna make a sandwich with his dad. getting a job and staying with a friend is a good idea
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    Poll: Team Fortress 2 - What class do you play most?

    i got the most points as engineer (zergrushing enemies and well placed sentries) but i played the sniper more
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    The Crack Addiction that is World of Warcraft

    I played wow for a year in burning crusade, and for 3 months on wrath but recently events have caused me to put gaming on hold as for and stories ive had from it; ive made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun, and where some people think hanging out with your friends is better than wow, i...
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    Most memorable scene from a game,

    advent children two? only guessing
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    Most memorable scene from a game,

    that that and that. my 3 most memorable video game scenes as well as getting the master sword in OoT