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    Come Think of It: RoboCop (1987)

    Yeah, that seems like a reasonable criticism. :)
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    Come Think of It: RoboCop (1987)

    Personally I don't find the PG-13 rating to be an indication of (poor) quality. Growing up I was, like the OP, hooked on Terminator, RoboCop, Total Recall and Jurassic Park, Majority of those being gory movies. Nowadays however I've developed into a squeamish person who is repulsed by the sight...
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    The artist in thee

    Unfortunate double-post but you guys left me no choice by being so inactive for a while. I've started up a comic project which can see here at: I promise some semblance of quality and the occasional chuckle. It's a story-focused comic set in a game that...
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    The artist in thee

    The tail was "given to him" to by a friend at the academy, a Goblin Witch and specialist in potion making, she was practising a transmog potion with a little essence of goblin in it, and he's had a tail ever since. As for the "beard laser", it's not coming from his beard, it's a fireball...
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    The artist in thee

    I drew a wizard! :D
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    The artist in thee

    Hey! So I've been gone for a while... Not really got an excuse. Figured I'd drop by and show off what I've been working on lately They've all been coloured and are just waiting for me to make them a nice home. I'm also working on 008 currently and I'm hoping this...
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    Protect Your Loved Ones with a Real-Life Minecraft Sword

    Been watching this genius for a few weeks now, you left out some of his greater pieces. I'm kinda holding for Jetstream Sams HF Masumura.
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    Arizona Police Investigate Super Mario-Styled Box

    Some-what poorly timed, if it had been a month or two before or after the boston iccident, then this would likely have been treated as the joke it was. I can appreciate the humour, the timing was just against them on this one,
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    EA Really Doesn't Want to be The Worst Company In America

    Nope, I did it too. I looked specifically at his "45 million people use Origin" comment and automatically said to myself: "You mean 45 million people are FORCED to use Origin. One of the major reasons I didn't buy SimCity was because it was required to download Origin, something I'm happy I've...
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    Mass Effect 3: It's not the endings, its the final battle (And synthesis)

    Wasn't the ending sequence subject to a massive re-write before release because some jackass leaked it? Could of sworn that was a thing. Regardless, can we all stop talking about it now? It's been like 50 internet years since that happened. Gotta let go at some point.
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    The Worst Big Youtubers

    UberHaxxorNova... Used to watch him because he was kind of funny every so often. But nowadays... Well let's just say that if you want to watch videos of somene missing the point while playing videogames and screaming the word fuck then go right ahead. Oh! And select members of the...
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    Brett Ratner Signs Up For FarmVille Television Series

    This is one of those marvelous scenarios where you can honestly say "it was the 80's". In this day and age though? Not so much...
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    Brett Ratner Signs Up For FarmVille Television Series

    I'm struggling to think who gets the browny points on this one, Zynga for keeping Brett Ratner away from a real directors chair or Ratner for clearly cheating Farmville out of a decent director for their (let's face it) likely awful TV series... They're both pretty awful, so how do you chose?
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    Kingdom Hearts HD Remake Teased for North America

    Little concerned that if the voice actors are coming back for the remake of Kingdom Hearts 1, since you know the actors playing them have grown up a fair amount since it came out in 2002.
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    New Final Fantasy Launches on iOS Today

    Going purely on the video: OK, So it's opening up... Typical Final Fantasy logo and-- Whoa! So many characters in one battle I can't believe... I... Uh... Is that a "Shop" option in the battle screen? That's a little suspect, but whatever, iOS I guess. So, the bulk of the "Combat" seems to...