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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Tops Guinness' "Greatest Videogame Ending" List

    I've seen sports games with better endings than Black Ops had ... Sports games.
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    Jimquisition: National Kirby Day

    you're addressing this to someone who's had Kirby's Dreamland as their ringtone for 2 years ... I applaud this holiday!
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    Whats your favourite line from any game EVER?

    ^ Curses, you beat me to it!!! Second Bioshock, Andrew Ryan
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    Trailers: BioShock Infinite Gameplay

    Saw this yesterday, loved seeing it again, leaping at a chance to comment about it on a forum. Irrational Games. Quite literally i mean it when i say DON'T TOUCH ELIZABETH FROM THIS POINT ON ... she's the perfect character and i love her already (corsets dark blue or purple i died of...
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    Boots + Skirt

    boots + skirt? I'd be inclined to flirt.
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    Escapist News Network: Quickbender Must Die

    Brilliant episode, had me in stiches! Particularly enjoyed Paul's rubbish 1 man detective work, Sauceman is a wonderfully ludicrous surname and fits so well with his character.
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    Poll: What would you like Zero Punctuation to review Besides from video Games?

    People. I can see it would be an easy trqansition from attacking games and their developers to criticising people in the public view. Movies is too similar, i'd rather see national figureheads and famous celebrities picked apart via scathing review.
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    MW2 map pack - 5 maps, $15

    I really hope everyone concerned will put thier puchasing power where their mouth is and completely boycott this new release. The buck stops with us; if we buy it, of course they'll continue to do this in the future. If this is greeted with such poor reception that IW only recieve 10 - 50k DLs...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Fall Asleep

    haha excellent stuff, sleeper hold was wondefully exectued! xD
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    What song best describes humanity?

    gotta be this, amirite?
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    Most addictive game youve ever played?

    eeek, WoW i've sunk far too much time into that game! Proudly clean of it for 8 months but i racked up 4+ years worth of gaming on that thing! It's the only game i could really say i ever found "addicting" by definition. >_<
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    Gaming situations where you survived by luck

    i've got a very short memory for these things right now, so my sheer luck moment comes from last night on Modern Warfare 2! on the map Quarry i was doing a wee bit of sniping at the top of the tall building (next to the TF141 starting place) and was just a little bit too slow to pull the trigger...
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    Escapist News Network: Natal Scandal

    I seriously approve this! +1 vote from me : ) Another great episdoe guys and girls, i'm enjoying Matt Wiggin's appearance as the "Industry Expert" more and more! Definitely seems to be getting into his stride. Blackcurrant and lime slushies sound bloomin incredible! Was that a concept you...
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    Tenacious D

    just a quickie: i despise the people who play Tribute at parties and new years eve expecting everyone to sing along to it; because it's ohhh so funny, and everyone loooves it when drunk. The whole thing is more stale than a loaf of bread that managed to cross the Eurasian landmass on the back of...
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    Poll: How do you view the Halo series?

    I really liked Combat Evolved, 10/10. Halo 2 got on my nerves (noes mah assult rifle!) and Halo 3, which i own, i can't face playing on single player. I preferred the simpler times with slow moving enemies, meaty weapons, cumbersome AI and dark colouring. Halo 3 is too fast paced and colourful...