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    Valve Crowned the Winner of March Mayhem 2014

    I'd like to congratulate the winners. I was so close this year. maybe I'll win in 2015
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    Feed Dump: Threats, Murders and KFC

    between listening to a recent LRRcast where you discuss disposing of the fridge, and Erika's comment about the smell I think it's time to give the Moonbase an Enema... so clean you can toss the moonbases salad all day long...
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    Where would you hide a dead body?

    I watch Dexter, Bones, and Mythbusters... I'm pretty sure I can think of a few ways using only what I have at my disposal.
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    if 2 straight guys can play "Gay Chicken"

    Really... no Loadingreadyrun... I guess I'm going to have to fix that
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    Moar Food!: Faux Pas that drive you crazy.

    agreed. just because you CALL it "swiss" or "cheddar" it doesn't make it so. if you can't make it properly then just import it from the countries that do.
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    Skyrim Hearth Fire DLC Leak

    Hey... I kinda want Horse armour in Skyrim... it'd be epic!... Dragon bone armour for Shadowmare
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    Cheer me up please.

    you can dance if you want to...
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    Is it immoral to keep pets?

    he's obviously asking for a "cheez burger"
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    UPDATE: Doctor Who Short Hints at Olympic Surprise for your update
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    Would you wear Project:Glass? i bet money i'm not the first to post the eyephone...
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft

    Big Bang Theroy.
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    Skyrim Collector's Edition Requires Enormous Box

    to be fair i was more pissed that the standard edition is £35 and the CE is £95 more... unless it comes with a free whore or two i'm not sure i'll even bother with the CE!
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    Skyrim Collector's Edition Requires Enormous Box

    Bioshock 2's CE box was rather large... because of the 12" Record in there... and £130 for the CE... you can fuck right off!
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    You now have a Army of the last thing you killed in a videogame.

    Army of Dr Mobius' Robo-Scorpions V3b oh, yeah!
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    Bioware Hacked

    Gorramn it! off to the bioware forum to change my PW then.