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    Kojima Productions' First Game is Death Stranding, Starring Norman Reedus

    Well, my interest is piqued, to say the least. The break from Konami seems to have enabled Kojima to take the weirdness up to eleven, color me hyped.
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    Should Final Fantasy XII get a re-release?

    I'd love to see the International Zodiac Job System version get a "Remaster" on the PS4. As far as I know that version ironed out a lot of the more annoying things about XII, and it never had a European release. I'd definitely get it if it was available.
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    First Look At Marvel's Jessica Jones - Gallery

    First impression seems good. Like others, I'm a bit dissappointed by Tennant not being completely purple. Hopefully he'll get there at some point. Anyway, Tennant has the chops to play an absolutely terrific Kilgrave, lookin forward to it. Ritter seems like a good fit for Jones...
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    What are some of the worst things?

    What are you talking about? Getting the shakes from sugar-deficiency after about half a day is completely normal. Right?
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    What are some of the worst things?

    Any and all diet soda. Holy shit those are disgusting.
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    What game do you want remade for Better Gameplay?

    On the one side, I would love to see Final Fantasy VIII with a better RPG-system, without the really strange mechanics like Drawing spells and enemies leveling with you. On the other hand, considering everything we know about the remake of FF VII so far, I don't trust Square Enix to not fuck it...
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    What does the escapist think of Totalbiscuit?

    I'm honestly a big fan of his, although I don't watch that much of his content. I don't really use first impressions/reviews all that much. I do watch the podcast religiously, though. While he has his issues (always taking the bait being first among them) I respect his hardline stances as a...
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    GOG > Steam?

    Personally, if I can possibly get a game on GOG, I will. I like the lack of DRM, the customer service, and their very pro-consumer attitude in general. Plus, my internet connection is shit, so I like being able to store 20+ Gig installs locally. They're still a bit feature-light compared to...
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    Opinion: DOOM is Exactly as Violent and Bloody as It Should Be

    Short, succinct, and some much needed sanity to this kerfuffle. Frankly, when it comes to this type of "Cultural Criticism", I wonder how much it is actually worth. The outrage over Doom, and the complaints about The Witcher 3's perceived "racism" before it, showcases a huge lack of...
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    Are there any games you play just for the soundtrack?

    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, Transistor. The soundtrack of that game was extremely core to the entire experience, as well as just being excellent in general. Honorable mentions to stuff like Tony Hawk and GTA, where the music adds immensely to the atmoshpere.
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    Square Enix censors skimpy male costume from upcoming Final Fantasy game

    As someone who is a huge fan of Japan and their somewhat insane approach to character design, I'm a bit disappointed by this. I'll admit that my first reaction to that character design was a hearty "What the fuck?!", but it was an amused sort of what the fuck. On the bright side, this...
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    Witcher 3 announces 2 (paid) Expansion Packs before release of main game

    People were losing their shit over this the moment it was announced, doomsaying left and right. I'm 100% okay with this. There's nothing wrong with planning expansion packs before the main game is out. It looks like these are also actual expansion packs, rather than DLC. There's also nothing...
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    The Unofficial Escapist Happy Gaming Thoughts Thread!

    My current happy pills have been going through my collection of older RPG's while waiting for my payday, so I can pick up Pillars of Eternity. KOTOR 1 and 2 recently finished, currently working my way through NWN2 OC for the 15th time. It's equal parts joy and depression, considering the...
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    Historic periods you'd like to see more in video games

    Correct. The game has been attacked for supposedly being both racist and sexist. Both of these stem from Warhorse's dedication to Historical Accuracy. KC:D is supposed to be populated by exclusively slavic people, who would've been the extreme majority of the people living in 14th century...
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    #001: Insert Coin

    Dropping by for the obligatory "okay, you piqued my interest". But really, this kind of long-form comic is gonna be a nice addition to the site, I think, and the visuals so far is right up my alley.