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    Poll: Help me settle this.

    This thread just gave me the weirdest experience. I read the OP, thought "what a silly question, the answer's so obvious, how can this guy be that oblivious to it, he'll be amazed when he see's the results", I clicked my answer and thought "What the fuck, 95%?! How can so many people not know...
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    Is there really no wrong way to pronounce a name?

    A friend of mine is called Reinhard, but because he thinks that's too old-fashioned, he prefers to go by the name Rainer, which is pronounced a little bit differently but another name altogether. Another friend is called Siriporn, but prefers to be called Siri, for obvious reasons. My aunt's...
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    Domestic abuse

    Unless you're present when they attack her and they're about to kill her, it's not justifiable homicide, no, it's premeditated murder, plain and simple. You'll get 25 to life. If you're black, you'll get the chair. Besides, you're 22 and a girl you went to high-school with has a 17 year old...
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    Why the Book Is Always Better

    I wholeheartedly agree, although one could say just as well: the books are better most of the time because books are the superior medium (at least for conveying the things mentioned in the article) I'm confused, are you really talking about the Deathly Hallows, part 1? You're aware that this is...
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    Poll: Best Kanye West album

    Haven't heard the latest yet. College Dropout is great, but not as good as Late Registration. Graduation was meh, 808s was surprisingly good but in the end I prefer the more traditional sound of the first two.
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    Poll: Potions, drink or apply directly to the affected area?

    Well, a potion is drunk, a salve is applied directly to the affected area. Off the top of my head, you actually see and/or hear people drink potions in Diablo, Gothic, Titan Quest, Torchlight... Also: poll is missing
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    Poll: "There should be NO homework" A petition to get rid of homework in schools.

    I really liked how he linked obesity to homework, flawless logic. All those other countries that don't suffer that much from child obesity certainly don't have their children do homework. And giving less homework will surely ensure that the children go outside to play, none of them would get the...
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    Poll: Is batman a superhero?

    Semantics. That's all I can say to that. Or, to put it differently: Who gives a flying fuck? Wait, that came out wrong, all I mean to say is that when someone says "OMG, you called him a super-hero, that's so stupid, he's not super", the only correct answer is "Whatever".
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    Tigers Nearly Extinct

    German, as visible in my profile :) no problem, though That's certainly true, but my point still stands, since the difference is that a dog is a lot less fierce and dangerous than a wolf, much like a cat is a lot less fierce than a tiger. Unless of course you wanted to say that if we started...
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    Tigers Nearly Extinct

    Yeah, except that a little puppy has as much to do with a wolf as a little kitten has to do with a tiger or a gold fish has to do with a shark. Besides, keeping an animal as a pet and keeping an animal as livestock are two different things, there's a reason why you don't see pastures full of...
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    Alright, I'll finally get around to beating this game...oh crap, should I restart it?

    Yeah, happens to me quite often, last time with Mass Effect 2. It depends on how much I remember from the story, but there's a middle ground: why not take a save game that's a bit older, let's say if you're 50% through, start at 40%. That way, you'll be reminded of what happened shortly before...
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    So there's this guy...

    The title made me expect a relationship thread. Not willing to be cheated out of it, I'll make it into one, so here goes: Well first of all, you should be very careful in giving money to guys who act like they're interested in you, it could well be that they're trying to trick you, which...
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    He kissed her

    Yeah, I got one, too: a senior citizen brushed past my gf in the store, so I dumped her. Maybe you should clarify a bit: Why did he kiss her? Did she encourage him? Did she know it was going to happen? And most importantly: how did she react? All you told us was that he kissed her, for all...
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    Aquaman Movie a "Reality," Says Smallville Actor

    I agree, to make it even remotely good, you'd have to use a budget even higher than that normally used for that kind of film, and the character's popularity won't convince any studio to greenlight it. Haven't seen that pilot, though. BTW: How could "nothing be further from the truth" although...
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    Leonardo DiCaprio Gives 'Red Riding Hood' the 'Twilight' Treatment

    Now that's just plain not true, different filmmakers have different intentions, a lot of them consider their work as art, they'd certainly be very offended if you told them that to you, they're merely entertainers. And telling someone that something "is good to them" although they explicitly...