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    Nintendo has Announced More Switch Launch Titles

    Sounds nice, however, I am only buying a Switch at launch because of Zelda, I will gladly buy more games after I am done with it.
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    Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Maker

    The only question is... Where are the codes for your levels Yahtzee?
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    New Fire Emblem Game Coming to 3DS

    I think your avatar says it all friend !
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    Actor Suing Nintendo For Donkey Kong-Related Heart Injury

    Err... I don't think he has a case unless he has definite proof that the job he did more than a year ago and nothing else in this time span caused him his current condition. He should have sued shortly after the job.
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    Escape to the Movies: Ouija - Just A Lame Cash-In

    So, this means that I must give up hope that Bob will review "The book of life" ? I know this isn't a terror movie, but it's about the "Dia de Muertos" which is the equivalent of Mexican halloween. That is at least an interesting concept... right?!
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    Is Nintendo Back? Company Reports Unexpected Profits

    I liked his show at the beginning because I found them insightful on how the industry worked... Then the industry started going in a direction I didn't like (overpriced dlc, drm, fees for (previously free) online services) and he supported those thrends because on the business side it's what...
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    I want to re-evaluate my stance on EA.

    It's easy to judge EA for having very, very BAD business practices, everytime a new game appears I am on the defensive because, lately, it feels that their products are buggy, incomplete or chopped off on purpouse, and I don't like that. In terms of customer service, I've never had any...
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    Is Fire Emblem: Awakening worth 40 dollars?

    If you like Fire Emblem, you will love this game. It also has a lot of replay value and interesting street pass features
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    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Will Use NFC Toys Like Skylanders

    I don't think they will, it will most likely just add costumes, they are experimenting with this and I am sure they will release a good game, figurines or not.
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    Should i buy Dark Souls for Pc

    If you have a PS3, get it for PS3, there are no fee's for the online. Darksouls is one of the few games where the online features actually improves the game. If you still insist on getting it for PC, get a controller, and prepare to mod it. The mods won't cost you and they improve the game...
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    Ok, let me try again... Brittany from Pikmin 3 !!! She is playable Even though she has a humanoid shape, I think we can agree that even though the character is pleasant to the eye, her design falls more on the scientist/gourmet approach, also, I get...
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    Hmmm how about Xel'lotath from Eternal Darkness... then again... 'she' and Vertigo have too much in common.
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    Ryse Microtransactions are "Nothing Sinister," Microsoft Promises

    I remember this, bought the game, completed it and then jumped into multiplayer and never thought of using any microtransactions, that is until I unlocked enough weapon upgrades to play in mid difficulty matches that I felt that I wasn't 'up to par' with my teammates. Everyone, even at the...
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    Nintendo Sues

    It's not about the money, Nintendo has plenty, it's about sending a message
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    Can Someone Recommend Some Good Wii Exclusive Games

    Muramasa Puch Out!! The last story Metroid Prime 3 - corruption - Or the series Super Mario Galaxy 2 New super mario brothers Pikmin - Super Mario Strikers